10 Strange Baby Features: A Suprise For Every New Mum


Newborns come with certain features that can take mothers (especially first-time mums) by surprise. Just before you hit the road to see the doctor check out these weird but normal things, your new bundle of joy would bring.

Cradle Cap:

Have you seen those whitish flakes come off your baby’s scalp? They are called cradle cap. This is normal for every newborn and would go off after a few months. All you need do is to rub your baby’s scalp with baby oil regularly and scrape with a comb the cradle cap with gradually come off. Your baby would need to see a pediatrician if the cradle cap spreads to other parts of the body instead of reducing.

Flying Poop:

Baby poop starts with the meconium-black sticky and odorless poop to a seedy texture poop with colours ranging from yellow to brown or green. In the course of your babies poop episodes, you may experience flying poop from your babies diaper. When the poops fly from the bums to your wall, that sounds gross, right? Welcome to motherhood! If your baby poop has blood stains you need to seek help.

Baby Large Breast and Genitals:

Your hormones play many roles throughout pregnancy. These hormones affect your baby too. Your baby may be born with swollen breast and genitals do not be alarmed, it will go down and return to normal with time. However, if your baby’s breast is reddish with an increase in temperature, you will need to see a doctor.

Baby Makes Grunting Sounds:

Perhaps you expected that your babies would make such beautiful sounds when she is born sorry to shock you! Get ready to hear some grunts especially when she is sleeping. This grunting occurs because your baby’s nostrils are small and some mucus may be stuck in it. You may need to use a nasal aspirator to suck out the mucus to clear the nostrils. As your baby grows these characteristics would go except she comes down with a cold.


Your newborn would be sensitive to her new environment, which could make her sneeze a lot. This could be caused by foreign particles, the sun, and mucus or amniotic fluid. All these are the adjustment to a new world. If your baby breathes as if there is something obstructing his breathing then they will be the need to seek your doctor’s attention.

Sudden Reflex Action:

New babies jerks a lot it is known as the Moro reflex. This happens when there is a loud noise. There should be cause for worry if your baby is not bothered by sudden noise or sounds around him

Funny Head Shape:

The process of giving birth is not a joke. Baby has to move through the birth canal out of you and this process shapes the soft head of your baby. Not to worry your baby’s head will take the proper shape after birth. There is no need for any molding ( using the hand to manually shape the head). Switch the positioning of your baby while laying her down so she does not have a flat head.

Crossed Eyesight:

Newborns tend to have little control over their eye muscles so it appears like the eyes are crossed. As she grows, the muscle will be strengthened and her ability to focus on an object or you will be strong. You need to see a doctor if your baby’s eye is still crossed at 6 months.

If you are experience or see one of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to see your doctor. Thanks for reading



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