The Top 5 Most Dangerous Sex Positions

Hey people.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and no doubt, a lot of people have plans for steamy sessions in-between the sheets…don’t lie.

As you make those plans, don’t forget that while sex can be pretty amazing between lovers, it can be quite dangerous sometimes too. There have been lots of instances when people were admitted in the Accidents and Emergency sections of hospitals as a result injuries sustained during sex. Yes oh, sex!

Several experts have revealed to us that some particular sex positions between heterosexual partners can be potentially dangerous to the both parties (especially the men). So what are these positions? Check out the top 5:

  1. The “Doggy Style”

As popular as it is, this style of sex is actually the most dangerous – potentially. Studies have revealed that “Doggy style” have led to an outstanding 41% of penile fracture cases. Yes the penis can actually break, and it’s quite painful. This style can also lead to vaginal tearing and urethral lesions if penetration is done at the wrong angle.

  1. The “Missionary”

The traditional man-on-top aka “missionary” style of having sex can also lead to severe pain if done wrong. The same study as mentioned earlier showed that “missionary” is the cause of 25% of cases involving penile fracture. Also, it can causes cervical bruising or other abrasions from deep thrusting, especially if the woman has a short vaginal canal.

  1. The “Cow girl” and “Reverse Cow girl”

This style of getting it on involves the woman being on top, facing away from her partner (reverse cow girl) or facing her partner (cow girl). It is one of the riskiest sex positions as it makes it easier for the males to experience penile fracture.

  1. The “Pogo Stick”

I know this style’s name may not be wildly known but the style itself is popular. It is when the couple has sex while standing up, with the girl’s legs wrapped around the guy’s waist. With this style, the guy carries all the weight of the female which can lead to back strains. Also, one wrong footing could cause the both parties to come crashing down, no doubt injuring one of their sensitive body parts.

  1. The “Butter Churner”

This sex style is as strange as the name sounds (to me anyways). It is when the woman lies on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head. The man then squats and achieves penetration from above. A lot of women like this style because the woman is literally experience a rush of blood to the head making orgasm more intense. However, there is also a high risk of neck breaking and developing back strain with this style.

So lovers and ‘lovees’, those are the top 5 most dangerous sex positions you can indulge in this valentine. So try to stay safe this period. You wouldn’t want to experience the awkward feeling of explaining how you got that injury to the doctor.


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