If Nigerian Politicians Were GoT Characters

Social Media Reacts To Game Of Thrones Finale

Politics is the central theme of the popular TV drama GoT and in view of this, comparing the characters of the soap with Nigerian politicians can’t go wrong most especially since, they are all striving for the throne.

Nigeria is just as diverse as the setting of the game of thrones. In Nigeria, 3 tribes jostle for the central control in aso rock while in GoT, 7 kingdoms vie for central power in kings landing. The only difference between the two settings is that more male figures/characters have dominated the Nigerian scene than females. So don’t be surprised if we can’t find a match for Arya Stark! I know you all waiting for that.
Just so everybody is in agreement here, there is no philosophy or science that went into how I picked these characters and their representatives. That being stated, a considerable lot of these GoT characters might not connect 100 percent with those I represent them with. Remember, it is just for fun!

Jaime Lannister/ Bukola Saraki
The kingslayer is much a perfect match for our senate president, though he is yet to slay a king, he has been the main disturbance of the current president since their entry since 2015. But that is not all the similarities.

Jaime’s character has been a shadow of his very powerful father, Tywin. Exactly like Bukola Saraki whose father (Olushola Saraki) literally owned Kwara state when he was alive.

Lord Petyr Baelish/Bola Tinubu

Lord Baelish known as “littlefinger” is a shrewd schemer, always in the background controlling and influencing the actions of the king, which is a straight pointer to the former Governor of Lagos, Chief Bola Tinubu nicknamed Jagaban.

Tinubu has been without a position since 2007, yet he has pulled strings almost everywhere.

Tywin Lannister/ Wike Nyesom
Tywin Lannister and Wike have a lot in common. They both own their state/kingdom from the background. Wike, who was responsible for installing Rotimi Amaechi as governor of Portharcourt, was also significant in expelling him and whatever legacy he had built.

Today Wike is the major reason PDP is back on the tussle for power.

Cersei Lannister/ Patience Jonathan
I know you all won’t agree here, but before you laugh out loud, let me ask, who has been the most active queen in Nigerian politics? Which other first lady has been figuratively stripped naked in the full view of the common Nigeria? (Compare shamewalk and Chibok saga).

Just like Cersei lannister has been the longest Queen regent in the kingdom, Patience Jonathan was the strongest/toughest first lady in Nigerian politics. Leave or take, it’s a fact.

Theon Greyjoy/Dino Melaye
Oh yes, here is a popular brag and loud-mouth that is currently being castrated by the Nigerian police. Dino Melaye is perfect fit for Theon.

Both are starting out as egostic and proud show-off but as the story unfolds, they are being humbled.

Grand Maester Pycelle/ Lai Mohammed
Apart from the fact that they share some facial resemblance, we all know that both of them would create/say just anything to satisfy their master.

Their loyalties have made them villains but they don’t really bother much about it.

Ned Stark/Umar Yar’ adua
We know these two characters for early and tragic deaths but that’s not all.

A lot depended on both of them to save their world.

Jon Snow/ Yemi Osinbajo
You don’t have to agree with me here but let’s be honest; they have been through near-death scenarios and have travelled up and down their worlds trying to unite everyone.

Jon snow started out as being ignored just like our vice president.

Melisandre/Oby Ezekwesili/
Truth is, you do not know whether to hate or love them both for their actions.

Just like Melisandre, Oby has found herself in the centre of several controversies and her actions have come with tons of mixed feelings from the Nigerian Populace.

That’s all the comparison we have, agree with it? You can add yours to the list.




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  1. It’s clear the author have not really watched the GOT episode by episode. No single one in the analysis here came close to the character associated with.

  2. I got to say, you guys came through with this…. Really nailed it… Not quite sure about Jon Snow though

  3. Tough choice for cersei, but great comparisons overall.

    Naija is indeed one big GOT scene

  4. Khal Drogo and Abacha,,,, They both had a strong military force and installed strictness in all activities….. They wia both feared by all and wia both killed by a woman.

  5. Goodluck Jonathan would be Tommen Baratheon. They were not firm in holding their position of power and they have a lot of listening ear as they eventually lost their kingdoms.

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