Top 7 Events That Could Lead To The End Of The World

end of the world

The world we currently live in is more delicate than we think. Although I’m not conforming to the widespread and still growing idea that the end is near, I agree that anything could cause a global collapse. The fact is no one can predict when the end will come or what will cause it. however, scientists have come up with possible scenarios that could lead to the end of the world. Here are the top 7:

  1. Asteroid Impact

According to science, our world is not the only thing that exists in the solar system. There are other planets and debris floating all over the universe. This has led to the development of a common end of the world theory. It is believed that if the Earth is hit by an asteroid that is big enough, it could cause some catastrophic world-ending events. And we were so close to it in 1989 when a huge asteroid passed the exact place we had orbited 6 hours earlier. Scary stuff!

  1. Disease Outbreak

end of the world

Regardless of how prepared the world is, we can never be prepared enough for a worldwide epidemic. This is why there was imminent panic at the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease a few years back. And back in the middle ages, a disease called “the Black Death’ wiped out more that a quarter of the world’s population. The global spread of an epidemic is nothing to look forward to as it’s one of the ways the world could end.

  1. Ecosystem Collapse

Our ecosystem is designed in a way that every organism is needed for the continual normal running of the world. So there is a belief that if the ecosystem is disrupted too much by man’s actions, there is going to be some dire consequences. And as it is, we are disrupting the delicate balance of the ecosystem more and more every day. It could really lead to the end of days.

  1. A.I Revolution

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is the order of the day in the world we live in right now. Every day, we see people develop A.I robots, phones or systems that are smarter than they used to be. Scientists have even created robots that can start and keep up conversations with normal people, and robots that can change facial expressions too.

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Although I know they’d have ways to control these A.I and robots, but what if that control button fails one day? And the robots decide to take over.

  1. Global War

Thankfully, the world has seen and survived two different world wars. But with the level of sophistication of weapons nowadays, and the massive nuclear bombs and energy being produced in developed countries, who is sure that the world can survive another war breakout? Most scientists do not think so, and I agree with them.

  1. Alien Invasion

We humans have been fantasizing about the possibility of life on other planets for a very long time now. There are even research facilities that get millions of dollars in funding to explore the possibility. But as exciting as it may sound, there may actually be alien life out there. And what happens if these aliens decide to invade our planet? As ridiculous as it may sound, it can happen, and scientist are not ignoring the fact. Regardless of how many movies are made on how humans defeat alien invasions, it is still considered one of the ways the world could end.

  1. Global Warming

I know by now, you will agree with me that global warming is a thing to worry about. And actually, it goes way beyond this stifling heat Nigeria is currently experiencing. The worldwide effects of global warming is getting more and more pronounced in our environmental conditions  and it is believed that without check, global warming could be the number one cause of the end of the world. And soon too.


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