15 Slangs which have become part of our everyday English in Nigeria

Nigeria is a wonderful place to live in, from the iconic Jollof rice to the never-dying pidgin English, despite all the mishap and poor conditions of the masses, we are still one of the happiest nation in the world. In Nigeria, English is the official language, and when you are fluent in it, many considered you very intelligent. However, no matter how fluent you may be in English, there are some slangs that have become inseparable from our mouth and has become part of our everyday English in Nigeria.

Let’s check them out.

This simply means “what”, when someone asks “wetin you go eat”, they are asking “what do you want to eat”.

No wahala
No matter how classy you may be your mouth and this phrase are like 5 & 6. When someone tells you No wahala , they mean no worries all is fine.

Nor make me change am for you
There are sometimes someone just get on our nerves and before we know we are pointing and shaking our index finger at them saying this slang. When someone tells you “Nor make me change am from you, it is best you stop whatever you are doing or saying that’s making them angry.


Dem nor born you reach
I was waiting on a queue to withdraw money from an ATM on a Saturday morning when a man just walked in and tried to break the line. The man behind me who I think woke up from the wrong side of bed because of his incessant hissing in my ear, went crazy and shoved the man out of line, next thing I heard him say was “dem nor born you reach! Na back you suppose dey”. Well, thanks to the security guard in the premises, If not hell would have broken loose. When someone tells you “Dem nor born you reach” , the speaker is warning you not to try anything funny.

Dash me
This simply means give it to me as a gift and in most cases it is usually money. This slang is mostly used by Nigerian women when they want to collect money or something valuable from their husband or boyfriend. They have even make the phrase more effective by adding “na “ to the end of the slang.

Everywhere stew
Whenever I hear this slang, Wizkid “fever” music video comes to mind, that video had too much stew all over it. This slang was invented by Wizkid and it simply mean everything looks very good.

Small girl, big God
At first, this slang was used in describing beautiful, independent woman who were fending for herself and still slaying on Instagram, but unfortunately this complementary sound as change into an insult because it is now used to describe high-class prostitute.

Na dem dey rush us
This slang came right of the lip of Nollywood actor Charles Inoje. When someone uses this slang, they mean there are the preferred option in whatever situation.

This translate to isn’t it.

Bad belle
This means envy or jealousy

How body?
This simply means “how are you”?

Listen well well
This means to listen with utmost attention

Butter my bread
This slang is mostly used by our youth. Whenever you hear them say it, it means “Answer my prayer or request”. For Example “”God abeg Butter my bead which means “God please answer my prayer”.

This simply means trickery.

Dem send you?
Nigerian mothers are fond of using this slang especially when their children are getting under their skin or tormenting them. Nigeria mothers will be like “dem send you? Tell dem say you nor see me”

Which slang do you use the most?



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