You Couldn’t Eat Some Things Doesn’t Mean Others Won’t

The last one must be so irritating

I actually know I am going to receive so much bashing for this article but I still want to write about this.

I have always seen people that eat a lot of things in this country, things that I cannot even try to touch with my bare hands. Especially when it comes to selection of meat; People in Nigeria that eat them would tell you  “meat na meat jor” (meat is a meat irrespective of the source). A lot of people eat pigeon all over the  world and I can’t imagine eating birds sorts of that. I’m not saying it is bad but I just can not eat it.

The Unusual Things That is Eaten By Nigerians

I had so much thought about these things that we eat in this part of the world. But may be so strange to people from other parts of the globe – unless those that are in the farm settlements over there as well. Finally, I came up with this very simple lists of foods that I think are unconventional as foods. But when I had some conversations with some people, I noticed that the  unusual activities might end up being a matter of where you have grown-up or lived and what you have been exposed to in life.

1. Snakes


Even at the sight of these crawling creatures can make me have goose bumps. I simply and just don’t like seeing them. This makes me wonder why someone would even eat snakes. Often I see people go through a lot of trouble to kill this snake (most are venomous), it just get me into this thinking that “what if they get bitten by this very snake?”, “how hefty is this snake?”. The stress do not just worth it.

2. Winged Termites

If you live in Nigeria or have ever lived here, you should surely know these insect. They only come out of the bush in masses when rain finished pouring and start forming circles around any source of light that is available. We always leverage on this as the only method to acquire them – we sometimes switch off the lights around the house and leave just one, these type of insects come around that one light that is switched on and we just pack them with our brooms into containers of water.

Sometimes, they do drop inside the bucket of water  by themselves after losing one or two of their long wings. A large part of their wings would drop in the water, we pack them and roast them with salt inside our pot. The is a white fluid that sometimes come out of them is the one of reasons I cannot eat them.


3. Cricket – the insect

This is another type of insect that I would never eat even at gun point. In fact I cannot eat any of the insect and their relatives except the more fleshy delicious crustaceans that are eaten almost everywhere in the world. They are mostly sea foods like crayfish and are so nutritious too.

I found out that in Nigeria, people eat this when I was in the school. They would came encroaching my hostel. One day,  I took it upon myself to start killing them because they were making so much loud and irritating noises. The security man then walk to me and asked if I was going to cook them. Cook what? Lai lai.


I think these are the bizzare things I can’t even imagine people would turn to food..


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  1. Are you serious? look into Asian culture and see their rich and vast cuisine before you point fingers at what Nigerians eat. There’s nothing weird in the list you’ve mentioned when I think of those in other cultures. Simply say you can’t stomach certain things…. Not that Nigerians eat unusual things 😒….. Else you make another post and generalize the title “Unusual things eaten all over the world”.

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