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Check Out These 5 Places No Nigerian Has Ever Been To

Places No Nigerian Has Been To - Snake Island

It is always a great feeling to travel and visit new places. Especially places outside the country. Traveling comes with a lot of fun and excitement if you get to your desired destination. There is also belief that Nigerians are everywhere in the world. This is because as a people, we love to travel and experience new places. Nigerians are a well-traveled set of people. However, there are some places I the world that we Nigerians have never been to. Either due to the fact that there is restricted access or it’s just too far, here are the top 5 places I’m sure no Nigerian has ever been to:

  1. North Sentinel Island

This remote island is one of the Andaman Islands belonging to India. Although it is blessed with a beautiful landscape and stunning beaches, no Nigerian has ever been there. I’m sure of that. Why? Because of the island’s inhabitants of course. The natives of the North Sentinel Islands are very primitive and exhibit extremely violent reactions to any outsider. They kill any intruder that tries to come into their land so people generally stay away.

  1. Snake Island

Places No Nigerian Has Been To - Snake Island

The second island to make this list is located in Brazil. Snake Island is home to millions of very venomous snakes. In fact, there is said to be a snake per 3 square feet in some parts of the island. As a result of the potential dangers to humans and to prevent poaching of these snakes, the Ilha da Queimada Grande is closed to the public. No Nigerian has been there.

  1. Area 51

Allegedly the most secretive place on earth, Area 51 in the U.S is a no-go area. Lord knows what the American Government have stored away in that Nevada desert area, but it must be quite important (they say it’s aliens). The area is cordoned off from the public, under heavy 24/7 surveillance and its airspace is even restricted as commercial flights are not allowed to pass over it.

  1. Coca-Cola Vault

The world’s highest selling drink, Coke, claims that they have a secret formula for the production of their drink. This secret formula is allegedly the source of its unique taste. However, it is well hidden away in the Coca-Cola Vault in Georgia, USA. The vault is well secured and I’m sure that no Nigerian has ever been inside it.

  1. Space

As Nigerians dey waka reach, nobody don waka go space”. As at last year, records show that 561 people have gone to space in total. And none of those people are Nigerian. And yeah, that email that keeps going around of a Nigerian scientist stranded in space is a big fat lie.

So those are my top 5 places Nigerians have never been to. Abi do you know any Nigerian that has been to any of these places?


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  1. a nigerian student of moremi high school went to space 2006 stela felix you even posted it.

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