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These Measures Will Help You If You Ever Find Yourself In A Natural Disaster

These Measures Will Help You If You Ever Find Yourself In A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters claim lots of lives yearly. They are often devastating and have increased in frequency over the past few years. If you ever find yourself in a natural disaster, then you should look for smart ways to protect yourself.

From hurricanes to wildfires, below are 5 measures in which you can keep safe in the case of a natural disaster. 


In recent times, devastating hurricanes have occurred in several parts of the world such as The Caribbean and Southern US more than ever before. If you ever find yourself in a hurricane, then your best bet will be to hide in a secure basement or room with no windows. It will also do you good to hide under a solid piece if furniture to protect yourself from a collapsing roof. If you encounter a hurricane while driving, then you should leave your vehicle and find shelter in a building or a ditch.


Tornadoes are one of the most violent natural disasters in the world. The first thing you do if you notice a tornado is to get into a secure shelter. If possible, you should find shelter in an underground building or a room on the lowest floor. Also, stay in the middle of the room as the tornado often targets the corners. Protect your head with sofa cushions or your arms. Avoid staying in large rooms and find soldi furniture like desks and benches to aid in protection. Lastly, you should never try outrunning a tornado with your car. This would be impossible and will only make it easier for the tornado to lift up your car.


Tsunami are gigantic ocean waves caused by earthquakes. They cause a lot of havoc in places they occur and have accounted for hundreds of deaths in the past. If you encounter a tsunami, avoid wasting any time and quickly escape to a more elevated area. You can also find tall buildings to hide in.

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Floods are one of the most frequent natural disasters in the world. They occur as a result of heavy rainfalls which can be long or short. If a flood occurs outside your home, leave at once and find safer higher grounds. Also, take along your important documents in a water-proof container. If the flood give you no time to evacuate, avoid trying to swim across it.


Wildfires spread extremely fast and destroy everything in their path. If you ever find yourself in a place consumed by wildfire, first ensure that you can breathe. This will prevent you from passing out in an endangered area. Use a wet cloth to cover nose and mouth and escape to safety. Find any secure building to hide at and don’t forget to leave your doors unlocked so that good samaritans or firefighters can easily save you.

Never be caught off guard. Always ensure you’re prepared to protect yourself if you ever encounter a natural disaster.


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