6 Cool Hangout Spots in Lagos Mainland You Should Know

A lot of individuals who stay in Lagos, Nigeria are of the belief that there are only a few cool hangout spots on the mainland axis of Lagos compared to the Island axis. As a result, they every now and then prefer to take a trip over the Atlantic to the Island whenever they want to hangout. This however should not be so. The misguided notion of there being no where to chill in Lagos mainland should be put away with and I plan to do just that. How? By telling you my top 10 most exciting hangout spots on the mainland;

  1. The Orchid Bistro Cafe

The Orchid Bistro Cafe is a high notch satisfactory dining cafeteria as well as the coffee bar located in the center of Ikeja. It projects a fine-looking orchid orchard comprising of some of the best glamorous flowers you can discover in Nigeria.

The cafeteria features a wide-range of diversity from continental to well-made local Nigerian dishes. Sometimes, you may want to grab a cup of coffee or maybe want to relax during your lunch break, at that point, the Orchid Bistro Cafe is perfect relaxation arena for you to do so.

  1. The Maryland Mall

The Maryland Mall has been intended to satisfy every single moment of your wellbeing as well as ease incognizance. Its expedient setting, inner feel, external lighting and substantial parking lavatories have been judiciously calculated to guarantee each stopover at the Maryland Mall leaving you planning towards the next stopover. Quite a number of hangout spots inside the Maryland Mall which consists of Okele Cafeteria, Triple J Chinese Eatery, Shuttles delicacies, The Place Café, Bibi’s Grill, Genesis Deluxe Movies and quite a host of other fun spots.

  1. La Mango Diner and Bar

Are you looking for an imperturbable spot to chill out with a couple friends of yours on a wonderful sunlit mid-afternoon? Then La Mango Diner and Bar is the perfect location for you. Located on the Lagos Mainland, La Mango is a diner and bar that features a comprehensive variety of delicacies as well as thirst-quenchers.

  1. Melting Moments

Perhaps you are looking out for a cool hangout spot to take your girl to, look no more as Melting Moments appears to not only be distinguished for its diversity of miscellaneous ice cream but then again the atmosphere that its surroundings deliver.

It features an astonishing entrance as well as a flawless site for passionate outings. It is situated in Ikeja City Mall in addition deals out amazingly appealing gelato.

  1. R Café, Previously Known as Rodizzio Restaurant and Bar, GRA

R Cafe is definitely a casual chilling location on the mainland. It is sited in the very center of Ikeja, in addition, encompasses a Cafeteria, Lounge, Tavern, and Coffee shop.

This cool hangout spot is well known for its signature delicacies which feature the Jambalaya rice amongst other meals. The fashionable design is intended to give you a sense of comfort even though you relish your delicacies at any minute of the day.

  1. Pool Terrace Bar

Do you happen to be in search of the perfect location to have a cool hangout with the love of your life? Pool Terrace is most certainly going to be your best option if you decide to keep it with the mainland style. Located at the popular Ikeja City Mall (ICM), Ikeja, Lagos. With a fanciful atmosphere to unwind as well as be at comfort with great delicacies to crown it all up, Pool Terrace furthermore boasts of one of the best hangout spots to sip on cocktails while partaking in interesting conversations with your partner or friends. Just perhaps you stop by after 5 PM on Fridays, you would be opportune to be part of the live band shows that pops up known as the WAZOBIA night.

So whenever you feel like chilling on the mainland, check out any one of these places. You’d be glad you did.



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