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Here Are Potentially Harmful Habits You Should Quit ASAP

Here Are Potentially Harmful Habits You Should Quit ASAP
When you were young, you were probably taught to wash all food items, brush your teeth after meals and clean your ears regularly. Well, it turns out that some of these habits are not as good as they seem and can be dangerous to your health.
Let’s take a look at some of such habits below:
Cleaning your ears regularly
The human body is a more self-sufficient to than you realize. It does a lot of things for itself that you don’t have to. One of these include cleaning your ear. The ear wax contained in the ears helps to lubricate the ear canals and protect them from bacteria, fungi and insects. When it becomes excessive, the body naturally removes it  through an interesting process: The ear wax slides through the ear canals to make its exit from the ear. Then, it eventually leaves the ear due to the movement of your jaws while you’re chewing your food.
But when you clean your ears yourself, you cause an increased production of ear wax. And If you’re not careful, you’ll end up pushing the wax further into the ear canals. This can cause a blockage and lead to temporary loss of hearing. To avoid this, you’re better off cleaning your ears out gently with a wet towel after a bath.
Leaving the toilet open when you flush
You were probably taught to flush the toilet anytime you’re done doing your business. However, you might not know that leaving the toilet open can be dangerous. When you flush and leave the toilet seat open, little particles from the stuff you left in the bowl gets sprayed up to 6 feet, causing bacteria to spread all over the place. Gross, right? These germs are potentially harmful and can lead to an infection in some cases. So, endeavour to close the toilet lids when you flush.
Washing red meat and poultry before cooking it
Another habit that you probably are familiar with IS washing your food before cooking it. However, did you know not all food should be washed? Foods like red meat and poultry should never be put under water. Instead of getting rid of the bacteria in them, you will end up spreading them all over your kitchen. You can boil or bake meat without washing it. The high temperature will kill any bacteria contained in the meat.
So, there you have it! Which of these habits were you shocked to see? And which are you stopping ASAP? Tell us in the comment section below.
Brushing your teeth after eating
Of course, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day.  But you shouldn’t do it right after eating. Instead, wait for 30 to 60 minutes before brushing. If you brush your teeth right immediately after you earlier,  you can cause damage to the enamel of tour teeth. Dentists recommend you wine your mouth with water or chew some gum to increase the production of saliva which naturally cleans the teeth.


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