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ZERO Motivation? No Problem! These Quick Hacks Are For You When You Are Having The Lowest Level of Motivation

ZERO Motivation? No Problem! These Quick Hacks Are For You When You Are Having The Lowest Level of Motivation

Are you trying to get your work done but you can’t find any motivation to do it? Then fret no more, because there are simple ways in which you can build back your motivation and easily switch back to work mode.

This is not an article about building discipline or any other process that takes a long time to achieve. We’ve posted other articles on that in the past which you can read later.

This, however, is a post showing you how to quickly build motivation without getting overwhelmed. If you have things to do today and you’re feeling really unmotivated to do them, then these are short fixes for you.

Go Outside For A Walk 

There are just so many benefits that can come from going for a walk. Several studies show that exercise makes you smarter when you do it. They also show that Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, can help with symptoms of fatigue. When next you find that you don’t have the motivation to get your work done, then try to go outside for a walk outside. This will lead to a boost in energy and provide you with more motivation to do your work.

Commit To One Specific Task

Having one’s focus on too many things at a time can lead to a lack of motivation. When you’re trying to focus on more than one activity at a time, it is very easy for you to lose focus on one and jump to another until you become mentally exhausted. Instead, decide on one task that you will focus on and commit fully to it. You can also write it down on a piece of paper to serve as a reminder and motivate you to do the task.

Clear Up Your Work Space 

Believe it or not, the environment you work in has an effect on how motivated you are to commit to your work. When you set up your work space for the task that you’ve decided on, you will be able to carry out that task more efficiently. So, try to clear up your desk, put everything in its place, and remove items that are not needed when next you want to work. This will prepare you for the task at hand and keep you focused on your work.

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Focus On The Simple Stuff 

It’s normal to feel resistance especially when you’re about to carry out a difficult task. The common advice is to fight back the resistance and do the work anyway. While this may seem like solid advice, you’ll only end up draining your mental energy when you do this. Instead, when next you encounter a difficult task, dissect it, look for the simplest things about that task and do them.

For instance, when you’re writing a difficult exam, the best thing to do is to focus on the simpler questions first and return to the harder ones later. You should apply this principle to every aspect of your life. When your work is overwhelming and it feels difficult, do the simple things first and remind yourself that you can always come back to do the harder ones. Remember, it is far better to do something imperfect which you can later work on than to do nothing at all.

Trust me, even if you feel like you can’t do anything today and you just want to take a day off, try doing at least one or two of these things (especially the first one) and chances are, you won’t regret it.


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