You’re The Boss, Now What?

Congratulations, you finally are the boss but the question is- what now? Sitting from the employee side of the table, you most probably felt your then boss was maybe cruel or unjust in some ways and now that you have the sit as the boss you just can see that it isn’t so easy after all.

Now what?

This article is meant to guide you with some advice as to answering the question ‘Now what?’ as a boss that you are. Here are some of those tips to help guide you on your path to true leadership;

Be Prepared

As the motto of the ‘Boy’s scouts’ goes, being prepared could be quite detailed. This is not talking about clothing yourself with a new tux suit but how to strategize and carry out the matters arising in the organization. It is harder when you happen to be kick starting a whole new organization. Make sure to make yourself knowledgeable with the necessary information of the company such as the mission, values and vision for the long run and be smart at revising every training material given to you.

Spin Around Your Thoughts

Quite a number of individuals who have gotten the opportunity of being the boss in their organizations happen to have messed it all up due to thinking that whatever the reason it was that got them the position would definitely also keep them there. This is a wrong mindset and many are disappointed when they eventually get fired or demoted. Before getting to being the boss, it majorly had been a thing of abilities and competitiveness amongst your colleagues but being the boss requires you motivating the team set under you to carry out their job judiciously. It stops being about you the moment you take the mantle of leadership and starts being about the people.

Find Purpose And Know Yourself

Remember that there was someone on that very seat that you now happen to sit on and it could be given to someone else if found wanting in your newly acquired role. Be as realistic to yourself as well as to others. Do not let being the boss change the real you, how you talk or walk. Do not be one of the proud ones who forget where they came from and tend to be pompous to colleagues who happen to have been fellow employees with you at the time. Stay real at all times and you would just so happen to control respect rather than breed fear from your team.

Empower The Team

You have the mantle of leadership, now is the time for you to know that it is the individuals in your team that get to matter. Being compassionate and empathetic to your team as well as listening and communicating with them like you would do a child is necessary to having the team get your back anytime and any day as well as making sure to give them required resources to carry out their work diligently.



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