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Your outfit should make you and not break you. Here is what to be done immediately to correct being broken by your outfit

This is how to look chic and well-dressed at any age.

Your outfit should make you and not break you. Here is what to be done immediately to correct being broken by your outfit

The approaches we take to dressing should be of utmost importance and you should be keen to avoid pitfalls such as appearing too frumpy or trying too hard.

With that at the back of our minds, let us find out the common mistakes made by women which make them look older and how you can excuse yourself from that very department.

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  1. Shopping with someone else’s wardrobe: How many times have you clocked someone’s fabulous outfit and rushed out to buy something similar, without really considering whether it suits you? You can still take inspiration from people whose fashion sense you admire and incorporate that into an outfit that suits your personality and shape.
  2. Wearing cheap fabrics: As you get older, it should about focusing on quality over cheap and cheerful designs and fabrics. You should build a wardrobe of good quality basics and this will allow you to play around with adding more fashionable pieces each season.
  3. Trying too hard to follow trends: Instead of going with all the trends that come across the runway, why don’t you choose the accents of a trend that you like, and work them into your existing wardrobe of quality basics.
  4. Not thinking about proportions: Proportion is key when it comes to glamorous dressing at any age and it is important to get the balance of an outfit right. You also need to consider what proportions work on your figure.
  5. Trying to disguise yourself: Too often we think that dressing well means covering all our ‘flaws’, to the point that many people end up wearing baggy, shapeless outfits that don’t flatter them at all. Volume and fabric is a great idea if it’s really structured material.
  6. Wearing the wrong underwear: I can’t emphasise enough the importance of wearing the right underwear as this help with getting a good framework on your body underneath your clothes which will, in turn, make your outfits will look much better.
  7. Being shy with patterns: If you’re going to wear pattern, it’s better to go bold rather than dainty. Go for colours that are considered rich or go for dramatic, bold prints.
  8. Go with your gut instincts: Never buy something if you try it on and don’t feel sure. The products you instinctually love are generally the ones that make you look your best. Remember to have fun with fashion and choose outfits that make you feel confident, happy and glamorous, and never try to hide away just because you think you have reached a certain age.


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