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Your children can learn valuable family morals and traditions through Grandparents. See how

Your children can learn valuable family morals and traditions through Grandparents. See how

Grandparents are one of the most treasured blessings we can give to our children. It is so delightful, to see the joy and sparkle in their eyes when they get to visit.

Some children are very lucky to live near their grandma and grandpa. Some, aren’t as fortunate. For these kids, it can be sad sometimes. They aren’t able to share things as consistently as their friends can.

Their are wonderful ways for your parents’ and your children, to stay in touch and really get to know each other. It’s an important part of life for both parties’ to be able to be involved with one another.

*Have your son or daughter keep a daily calendar. They can write what they do at school, the weather conditions, and even how they feel each day. Have grandma or grandpa do the same. Then, each month – they can exchange calendars! A great way to know how each other’s days are going.

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  • Record cassettes or video tapes, and send them back and forth. Your kids can sing their favorite songs and read their favorite stories.
  • Let your children memorize their grandparents’ phone #. Let it be the one number they can call anytime without permission.
  • Send pieces of art, school work and drawings.
  • Grandma and Grandpa can have a special bond with your kids by sending them care packages every once in a while. They can include mementos, educational tools and maybe a treat.

If you help cultivate a relationship like this, your children can learn valuable family morals and traditions. Not to mention wisdom! Don’t deprive them from an important bond, just because they live in separate places. They just might carry the tradition on to their own grandchildren!


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