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You Won’t Believe These Stadiums Are The Top 7 Most Expensive In Africa


It is without argument that football is the most popular sport in the world. And the most popular sport deserves to be played in the very best arenas out there. This has led to some magnificent football stadiums to be built all over the world. And our beloved continent is not left behind. Africa has always been in the picture of continental football but the motherland really became more prominent during and after South Africa hosted the world cup in 2010. The 2010 global sport mundial led to the construction of some amazing stadiums in Africa.

And since constructing an amazing stadium doesn’t come cheap, here are the top 7 most expensive stadiums in Africa.

  1. The Cape Town Stadium

This impressive monument was constructed in preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Built on the site of the former Green Point stadium, the Cape Town stadium cost a whopping $600 million to construct.

  1. The Moses Mabhida Stadium

Also located in South Africa and constructed in preparation for the World Cup back then, this stadium was built with $450 million. It is situated in Durban and can seat up to 54,000 guests.

  1. The FNB Stadium


Also known as the Soccer City Stadium, this showpiece arena is arguably the most beautiful stadium in Africa. With its distinctive ‘calabash’ design, it is also the largest stadium on the continent. It didn’t come cheap however and it cost about $440 million to construct.

  1. National Stadium, Abuja

The Nigerian National Stadium is the largest in the country as well as the most expensive. It can seat over 60,000 spectators and its construction cost the Nigerian government about $360 million.

  1. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium was also constructed in preparation for the 2010 World Cup. It is a multi-purpose stadium and was built at a cost of $270 million.

  1. Estadio 11 de Novembro

Yeah, another non South African stadium made the list. This time though, it’s in Angola. Located in the country’s capital, this large multi-purpose stadium was named in honor of Angola’s Independence Day. It can seat up to 50,000 people and cost about $227 million in building costs.

  1. Peter Mokaba Stadium

And yet another South African Stadium rounds off my list of expensive stadiums in Africa. This stadium which is mainly used for rugby and football matches, can also seat about 41,000 fans. It’s construction costs rounded up to about $150 million.


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