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You Won’t Believe These 8 Important Things About Mercy Johnson Okojie

Want To Know Some Important Things About Mercy Johnson Okojie? READ BELOW!

She has carved a space for herself in the movie world, a space we doubt can ever be erased.

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie since hitting our screens many years ago has continued to entertain and delight her millions of fans across the continent.

Here are 8 things you probably do not know about Mercy Johnson-Okojie

1. The talented Nollywood actress was born in Lagos on 28 August 1984.

2. She is a native of Okene in Kogi state and the fourth of 7 children by her parents.

3. Mercy joined the entertainment industry upon failing her University entrance examination.

4. Her interest in Nollywood was ignited by her love for star actress Genevieve Nnaji. In an interview with Bellanaija, Mercy spoke glowing about Nnaji saying; I watched her in the movie “Sharon Stone” and I knew I wanted to act. On Nnaji being her role model, Mercy said in an interview back in 2014;

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“I think I have one of the best role models ever. I like Genevieve like crazy. I started watching her movies from the onset but I didn’t want to be Genevieve, I wanted to be Mercy with the motivation that a Genevieve could give me. So I watched lots of movies. I don’t play with her movies. I don’t know what I can do that will be better than what she has done. But I just try to improve on it, try to do it the way she will do it and perhaps even better to my own level. I practice like all the time. It is like a passion. It is just where I want to be. I am alive and I am in my space. It was paramount to perfect that space. I need everything. I watch everything. Nothing passes me by. I watch newscasters reading there news and after they are done, I sit down the way they do and read the news like that. So it is practice and Passion.”

5. Her first movie was titled ‘The Maid’ produced in 2003.

6. Mercy tied the knot with her man Prince Odianosen Okojie on August 27, 2011. The couple also have three kids. On just how much she loves her man, Mercy in an interview said;

I am not letting my husband go; even when he is angry, I would beg him. You see these beautiful rings that
he has given to me- I am never returning them. I did not feel bad when I read the news that my marriage was hitting the rocks because it was not true. I am very comfortable in my own space and I am not out to please anybody. I am always true to myself and I continue to be a happy person.

7. She has been nominated and won several awards since joining the movie industry to include an AMVCA for best actress in comedy for her role in the movie Dumebi The Dirty Girl. 2014 Nollywood Movies Awards for popular choice amongst other awards.

8. Family is everything to her. In an IG post, Mercy made this known again writing;

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything😘😘 As they refuse to concentrate, my husband and i gave them phones so we can have peace🤣🤣🤣 we cannot come and die jor🤣🤣 ………


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