You Won’t Believe That People Dated and Got Married to Objects and Animals

Have you been invited to the pillow wedding?

Strange things do happen in this world. While some people have decided to get married to people of the same sex, some others have taken the path of getting married to an object and animals!

These people have probably said, “To hell with humans!” and decided to go a very different way.

Below are strange relationships from around the world!


A woman marries a duvet

49-year-old Pascale Sellick announced that she is getting married to her Duvet in February. She has decided to hold on to her duvet forever!

She planned an inclusive honeymoon at Ikea’s bedroom apartment. Watch the video to see the wedding dress code.


A man marries a pillow

A couple of years back, Lee Jin-gyu, a South Korean man, threw a wedding ceremony to celebrate his marriage to a fairly large pillow with an anime face drawn on it.

So Pascale was not the only one to proudly admit her love for her duvet!


A man marries his picture

In China, Liu Ye threw a traditional wedding ceremony to a cardboard cut-out picture of himself. This is indeed the highest level of self-love!


A lady gets engaged to a tree

Emma McCabe has shown her love for nature by getting engaged to a tree she called ‘Tim.’

She claims to have regular sexual intercourse with it. Ouch…that must really hurt.


A woman marries the Eiffel Tower

Virtually everyone loves the Eiffel Tower but what happens when it is taken to a different degree?

In 2007, Erika la Tour Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower. She changed her last name to be known as Mrs. Eiffel Tower!

Hmm…this is quite unbelievable. We’re sorry, but the Eiffel Tower is taken by Mrs. Eiffel Tower.


A woman marries a rollercoaster

65-year old Linda Ducharme married a rollercoaster in 2014. She exchanged wedding rings and made an ultimate commitment with a 70ft tall rollercoaster she called ‘Bruce.’


A man marries a goat

Mr. Tombe, a Sudanese man was forced to marry a goat in 2006 after having sex with it. So this is a more disturbing and less romantic setting.

After Mr. Tombe was caught having sex with the goat, he was tied up and taken to the village elders. The village elders ruled that he has to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars to the owner of the goat and take the goat as his wife. This is, of course, to rectify his mistake.


A man dated a cockroach

Yuta Shinohara, a Japanese man, dated a cockroach he purchased from Africa. This was done for a year until the poor insect died.

Yuta was smitten with the cockroach he named ‘Lisa’ and longed to have sex with it. When Lisa dies, Yuta ate it so that “they could stay forever together,” Yuta says.

Want to hear him talk about the relationship? Watch the video below.


These stories are quite unbelievable but yes, they truly happened! 


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