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You too dey take things personal. With this, you will realize sharply how to cool temper small

Not everytime your body go dey hot. Sometimes, cool temper.

You too dey take things personal. With this, you will realize sharply how to cool temper small

As human beings, we all take things personally from time to time because whether we acknowledge it or not, we are sensitive beings.

The issue we are dealing with via this post is if you take everything personally. It may be time to work on letting some things go as not doing so might lead to anxiety because you will become so wrapped up in what other people think of you and how they treat you.

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  • Become Aware Of What You Can & Can’t Control: Oftentimes, we think we can control certain situations or people or “fix” someone because we have the ability to care so much. Know when to draw the line and when you should start separating yourself from the situation. You are not being too selfish if you choose to let someone go in order to take care of your emotional health.
  • Remember That Other People Are Way More Focused On Themselves: No matter what you may think or believe, other people care way more about themselves than they care about you and everyone has insecurities and issues within themselves that they are battling. If you can remember this, it’s easier to stop taking things people say or do personally.
  • Process What Is Bothering You and Then Find A Way To Let It Go: Have you ever spoken out about what is bothering you, and someone just told you to “let it go” and move on. That was excellent advice and you might have missed it. The best way to go about this is to process what is bothering you and work ways to let it go forever. Don’t suppress it and pretend it doesn’t bother you anymore.
  • Believe In Yourself: Taking things personally always has a direct hit on your self-esteem. So instead of taking every word said or action made against you personally, It would only make sense to practice having more faith in yourself. Having faith in you takes time and only comes when you are willing to work at it.
  • Moving Forward: Once you get a different perspective on things, you can start to see that nothing in your life is personal at all because life moves on so quickly and what seems like a big deal right now won’t be an issue 3 months from now. Work on believing in yourself more, have your back so that you can keep a level head whenever things offend you and learn to brush things off instead of letting it ruin your whole day.


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