You Should Never Consider Dating These 5 Kinds of Guys

Stay Clear Off These Five Kinds of Guys

We have the faithful, romantic and good kind of men that will make you feel on top of the world when you’re in a relationship with them. We also have the deceivers that will result in deciding wrongly on who to date. You wouldn’t want to be involved in a dreadful relationship.

While you’re still single and searching for the right one after your heart, you should steer clear off these men:

  1. The Boaster

A boaster won’t give you the opportunity to complement his looks and tell him how breathtaking his smile is. Instead, he will boast about how you fell for his good looks, money and how you couldn’t get over him. He will tell you how much his ex was obsessed with him and how other girls struggle to win his heart.

Any conversation with him will be about his achievements and how he is better than you. If you ever find a boaster, please run away!

The Taken

This man has never and will never be yours. Yes, you both locked eyes when you met yourself and decided to start a relationship…but you know that his heart and mind already belong to someone else.

This kind of man cannot stop prattling about his former lover. He makes her the subject of every conversation and even compares her to you!

This is enough to back out! No one wants to treated as such in a relationship.

The Dumbstruck

This type of man is a real introvert. He cannot muster the courage to express his true feelings for you. Believe me, this is not just about being an introvert. There are introverts that are romantic and more expressive than normal people are.

You’ve been hanging out for some time now and he still hasn’t told how he actually feels about you! You seem to be sitting on the fence because you can’t tell what his true intentions are.

If you’re looking for commitment, avoid this type of man so as not end up heartbroken.

Sneaky Hands

This type cannot be with you without touching you without permission. You’re having lunch in a restaurant and next thing, he’s kissing your ear lobe and slipping his hand around your waist.

This type of man behaves like a sex offender and he is with you for other creepy reasons. Be wary of sneaky hands!

The Social Animal

To this man, life is all about fun and entertainment and he is a party person. He doesn’t take life seriously and doesn’t have a clear goal and future ambition.

You have a presentation at the office the next morning and  he sets up a party at your house. A social animal is someone you should look out for!

Do you have other types of men that should be avoided? Let’s have your comments.


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