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You may have intimacy issues if these signs keep reoccurring in your relationships

Intimacy issues might be the problem you are having in your relationship. Read this post to know more.

You may have intimacy issues if these signs keep reoccurring in your relationships

Whether you agree to it or not, like it or not, the fear of intimacy is real and is common in relationships. In order to deal with it, you need to recognize any or all the subtle signs it it camouflages itself in.

That is exactly what this post is going to do for you today, help you recognize the signs that may insinuate that you are having intimacy issues.

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  • You seem to be angry all the time: Everyone gets angry from time to time and it is a normal thing for humans to express the emotion called anger but if you find feelings of anger boiling up continually, or inappropriately, a fear of intimacy may be somewhere underneath. A deep, subconscious fear of intimacy can show up in response to a relationship that is becoming uncomfortably close. Constant anger in whatever way or form indicates immaturity, and immature people find it hard to form intimate relationships.
  • You are scared to be imperfect: Everyone desires to be loved in return but for that to happen, there needs to be an opening of who you are including weaknesses. If you want to show yourself as perfect all the time, there will be some restrictions on both sides of the divide. If you think your partner will see you lesser than you are if you do a certain thing, have a discussion with them and let them know how you feel.
  • Your record precedes you when it comes to dating: It can be agonizing trying to find a negative pattern in your own behaviour, but find it you must, dig deep, and look as far back as you should. Fear of intimacy can also affect relationships in families and also friendships.
  • You are wearing a mask: If you’re afraid to take your mask off and show fear, worry, or concern, it might just be another subtle sign of emotional intimacy. People who avoid intimacy, want to be perceived by others as always being in a good mood, never getting angry, upset about anything or needing to be the strong one, in every situation, or by being perfect, all the time. These techniques all mask an inability to show your true self to other people.
  • You lack confidence: If you’re not comfortable in your own skin or who you are then it’s going to be hard to let someone else in. A lack of confidence often results in intimacy issues with someone else.


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