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You do not know when these particular skills will come in handy. Dear Men, have them ready

My homies, this post is for you.

You can improve your abilities as a man and increase also your desirability as a mate by having these simple but important skills as yours.

Trust me, you will thank me whenever you apply one or all. If you are below 30, this might not directly apply to you unless you want to think forward and have a jump on so that the older guys will do the catching up.


  • Become Better With Women: Let me just give you small expo, If you master the majority of the skills in this post and the previous one, your chances to become much better with women will increase. Just try and put the things read here into action and we will definitely see some spark and fire.

  • Change a Tire: Cars tend to get flat tires from time o time. It will be a good thing if you can also change them from time to time especially if it happens in a place where there is no mechanic immediately. Make sure you have a roadside kit in your car sha.

  • Know how to Plan a Proper Date: Not every time a Pizza place and then a movie. These two do nothing in establishing your romance cred. Knowing how to plan a proper date is a good way to impress women. Trust me because I am looking out for you homie.

  • Basic Household Repairs: It is a given fact that things will breakdown in and around the house. Sometimes with no warning whatsoever. Knowing how to fix or repair simple and basic stuff will save you a great deal of money.

  • Plan a Vacation: Being skilled at planning a vacation are skills that will define you as a well-rounded man to those that go on vacation with you especially if it is well planned and not cause enduring traumas that require years of therapy to overcome.

  • Parking well: This skill should be learned, practised and perfected as soon as you learn how to drive because there’s nothing worse (and I say this from experience) than having to park miles away from where you are going simply because you couldn’t fit your car into a space.

  • Build and Maintain a Relationship: Being a young man does not mean you should be wild and promiscuous. Knowing the basics or the nitty-gritty of building and maintaining a relationship can make all the difference and probably the reason she’ll say ‘I DO’



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