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Yeah It’s Monday Again! These Simple Tips Will Help You To Be More Productive And Get The Work Done Easily

Yeah It's Monday Again! These Simple Tips Will Help You To Be More Productive And Get The Work Done Easily

It’s Another Monday again and there is a lot of work to be done! How do I manage all these projects? Where do I start from? Why does time never seem enough?

These are the questions that run through the minds of a lot of people and probably you. You may have planned to be productive but then you got distracted by your social media feed and procrastinated.

And now, you have these huge chunks of work that only God knows when you will finish. Trust me, I get it. Work is hard but we have to do it anyway. That’s the only way we can truly get ahead in life.

That’s why I’ve composed this post of simple tips that can help you become a more productive person. With these quick hacks, you will learn how you can trick your mind into “work mode”, aim for higher goals, and develop a learning mindset that will help you work smarter.

So, let’s dive into the steps below.

Take Your Personal Appearance Seriously 

These Simple Tips Will Help You To Be More Productive And Get The Work Done Easily

This is a lesson a lot of people learn when they are no longer under the authority of their parents or when they start working for themselves. This is because they have to rely on their own willpower and self-discipline in the absence of an authority figure. These two traits – self-discipline and willpower – thrive when one pays attention to personal hygiene, appearance, organisation, and cleanliness of your environment.

So if you seek to be more productive on a daily basis, then you have to take your personal appearance seriously. Shower everyday, dress well, and wear clothes that make you feel more confident and will help you take yourself more seriously.

 Aim Higher By Stretching Your Goals 

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You probably have hear the advice that if you want to become disciplined, then you should start by setting small goals for yourself. While this is good advice, it is only meant to be temporary. Once you’re able to achieve the simple goals, then you should start setting bigger goals for yourself. Start stretching your goals beyond your present perceptions of your capabilities.

For instance, if you have a project that normally takes you an hour to do, then set a goal to finish it in 30 minutes. Or if you’re used to doing 10 pushups daily, set a goal to start doing 15 everyday. You’ll find out that while you may not be able to do up to 15 pushups, you may be able to do 12. This is what it means to stretch your goals. It is these bigger goals that will help you get past your preconceived limitations. Always try to aim for things that you think you may not be able to achieve. This will bring you farther than what you expected.

Develop Your Knowledge Across Various Fields 

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There is nothing as good as people who have an understanding of not just their own fields but other areas that can help them in their careers. A good example of a successful person who has knowledge in different fields apart from his own field is the popular CEO Elon Musk. As the CEO of a car manufacturing company, Musk understands a lot of the science behind the cars that his company creates. This knowledge helps him follow along when his engineers explain problems to him and even allow him suggest solutions that often end up working.

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Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or employee, it is important that you develop some knowledge in other fields asides from your own. This will help you be more productive and even open doors for more opportunities in your career. The goal should be to have deep knowledge about your field and then know the fundamentals across other fields.

Have a productive week!


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