WOW! Blood Pressure Can Be Controlled; Check How!

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Blood Pressure is an important vital sign that should be paid attention to on an ongoing basis. Most people with high blood pressure are on medication from their doctors which works to lower it.

There are actually quite a few things you can do to lower your blood pressure that do not involve medication and some of these will be discussed.

  • Too much of weight

One factor that raises blood pressure is your weight. Specifically, the more overweight you are, the higher your blood pressure will be. A simple reduction of ten pounds of body weight can be accomplished in as little time as three months and has been proven to lower blood pressure along with improving your health.

  • Getting a pet

Another aid is by obtaining a pet like a dog or cat. Studies have been done that correlate a lower blood pressure simply by the companionship and activity that is involved in pet ownership. It is relaxing and enjoyable. Surprisingly, while on the subject of animals, it has been shown that simply sitting in front of an aquarium and watching the fish swim about produces a lower blood pressure. The relaxing environment works to soothe the body. Purchasing an aquarium will prove to be a wise investment in your quest to lower your blood pressure.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise is yet another way to lower your blood pressure without medication. Thirty minutes to one hour of moderate exercise a day at least five days a week will provide measurable results in a matter of a few weeks. There are plenty of other benefits you will get from regular exercise as well. This is definitely winning strategy.

  • Good diet

Your diet is another consideration when trying to lower your blood pressure. The restriction of salt is the single most important item that will help. Other foods shown to help are those that are whole grain and also low in saturated fat. Not only will a good diet help in lowering your blood pressure, it will help in losing weight. While reducing salt in your diet, also consider adding potassium. Many salt substitutes are made with potassium and fill the void of restricting salt altogether. Other good sources are fruits and vegetables. If you like mushrooms, you are in luck. Mushrooms are almost a potassium overload. They are also versatile and can be used in many recipes as well as enjoyed alone.

  • Minimum alcohol

Alcohol is an interesting item in that it can be both good for you or bad for you when considering your blood pressure. The secret to get alcohol to lower your blood pressure is to use it in moderation. Two servings a day will help but any more will have the opposite effect and actually raise you blood pressure. Take care to stay within the two drink limit each day and you will find that it is actually a benefit.

While medication is a primary method to lower your blood pressure, you can see from the suggestions above that there are many other methods to reach your goal as well. A lot of people in Nigeria does that on a daily basis to control their blood pressure. Who knows, if you follow some of these guidelines you may find yourself no longer in need of medication.

If you follow these and still having issue with your blood pressure, please kindly visit a qualified physician in your community.




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