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Would You Do This to Your Ex as a Man?

Would You Do This to Your Ex as a Man?

A Nigerian man is currently trending on social media after he stormed his ex-wife’s house to collect the car he bought for her during her birthday.

A social media user who shared the story online wrote;

How heartless can a man get? I mean how could love get so sour that you hate your wife so much and the kids you both had together.
So i just got in from work to meet this chaos in the compound…apparently my neighbor’s husband whom she has been separated from since last year came to get the car he had bought for her while they were still married because he found out she is using the car for uber/taxify cab business and using that to survive paying the kids fees, house rent etc.

He is so pained that she hasn’t come to beg him like she normally does and he has been wondering why. Immediately he got to know that it is the car that has been her source of income, he came along with a friend to get it. This isn’t the first time i have witnessed their fights as the last time he came around, he wanted to forcefully take the children and when the wife resisted, he told her never to call him for anything regarding them.

This woman is very hardworking that she takes her kids to school very early in the morning and go for her daily job and returns in the evening with her kids. I never even knew she is into a cab hailing business, till she explained everything and that the kids are usually in after-school till 7:30 when she picks them.

The Nigerian system really needs a law that protects the women after a separation or divorce so they don’t lose totally. Imagine the man told her she has no right on the car as it was bought in his name i am really happy i captured this and it is even evident that the so called husband is a violent man.

According to the woman, she has endured a lot from him until he had a child with another woman. This is pure wickedness and so unfair.

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The story has since caused a stir online as many are of the opinion that what the man did is good while others have been lambasting him.

However, we will like to throw the question to you guys now, would you do the same thing this man did and if yes, why?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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