World’s 5 Roads You Never Want To Drive On

Fasten your seat-belts.

Today you we will look through some of the most dangerous roads to ply on. These terrains are extremely unsafe for the faint of heart as mistake can mean certain death.

Here are 5 dangerous roads to drive on in the world:

Karakoram Highway (Pakistan to China)

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Located in Pakistan all the way to China, and a length of 810 miles, the Karakoram highway is sometimes referred to as the eight wonder of the world. The construction of this road began in 1966 and was completed in 1979, though it was not open to the public until 1986.

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It is built with an elevation as high as 15,000 Ft above sea level and under very rough and dangerous conditions, it cuts through the most mountainous region in the world. The dangers of this road include; landslides, snow drifts, flooding, reckless driving, avalanches and rockfalls.

99-Bend Road to Heaven (China)

World's 5 Roads You Never Want To Drive On

With an elevation of 3,855 Ft, length of 6.8 miles, the 99-Bend road to heaven is a sight to behold. Located in the Tienanmen Mountain National Park in Central China, it features 99 death defying hairpin turns constructed in a high elevation. If you mistakenly drove off the road in this turf, you’d sure drive to your death. The dangers here include; earthquake prone and reckless driving.

Siberian Road to Yakutsk (Russia)

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The Siberian road to Yakutsk is generally unpaved, especially to the north, and is about 760 miles long. Often referred to as the “Road of Bones, the road goes through some of the coldest regions on the planet. Travelling around July and August is very dangerous as it tends to rain, making the road muddy and slippery. Winter is the best time to travel as the roads are frozen and the grounds easier to ply on.

Zoji Pass (India)

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Originally built in 1947, the Zoji Pass connects the towns of Srinagar and Leh in the western Himalayan Mountain range of India. Its roads are filled with dirt and has no guardrails or traffic signs and its zigzag roads on peaks at over 11,000 Ft. landslides are a continuous occurrence here and it is usually closed down during winter as snowdrifts as high as 50 Ft make it impossible to cross.

Killar to Pangi Road, via Kishtwar

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This road is considered the most dangerous road ever!! And can only be crossed by people who either have a death wish or have nerves of steel. It is open during summer months and is 100 miles long with a 6 mile stretch of rocky overhangs which are particularly hazardous. The road is only wide enough for one vehicle and has no guardrails for protection. Driving recklessly here can send you falling 2,000 Ft to the ground.


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