Wondering why some people never go broke? These are habits of people who always have Money in Their Pocket

Wondering how some people have money even though the month has not ended. You should read this

Do you know how those people you continuously borrow from have enough to give you and sometimes dash you even though the month has not ended? We are about to answer this question with this post.

Are you ready?

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  • They avoid borrowing: These people are conscious of how they spend every dime, and this makes them borrow less. And since they are not paying interest of any kind on any debt, they begin to use more of their money for investments, ultimately earning more interest for themselves. Pretty smart right?
  • They don’t rush to buy: One attribute of prudent people is that they bargain for prices or wait for the price of expensive goods to go down before they buy it. Another rule that most of them follow is the give it 2 weeks and see if you still want that item rule. You have NO idea how many times this rule can save you from impulse buying.
  • They always remind themselves to save: These people never joke around with their savings, because each naira counts. Some of them even set up reminders to save throughout the month which is really a great way to remember to put cash into savings. You can’t get ahead without making plans for the future.
  • They often have a no-spend day each week: They might not let you on this secret but they pick a day where no money except for the basics is spent. Sometimes it can be monthly, but this tends to help make them think more about their expenses and what is and isn’t necessary for their lives.
  • They create a budget: Not only do they do this but they also do not deviate it unless in the face of an emergency. While sitting down to create a budget might not be the most fun, it definitely benefits them in the long run.
  • They Have a “Fun” Section in Their Budget: Now you might be thinking that these people never go out and do anything, but that is a lie. They include fun in their budget, and this helps them avoid overspending. This helps them to have the money they want to spend on getting their hair done, buying that pair of shoes they have always wanted, or take a day trip to a nearby city or resort.

So go ahead, see how you can best save money in your life, follow some of these habits, and let us know how it goes!


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