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Wondering What Not to do on a First Date? Here’s 10 of Them

Are you going on a date soon and you are wondering what the appropriate way to act is? We hope this helps

There are certain things that you should not be caught doing on a first date. These are 10 of them. Please note that this is applicable to both Men and Women.

  1. Be Late

DO. NOT. BE. LATE. Punctuality is important. Being late shows how inconsiderate you are and that you’re unable to manage your time. I know you’ll like to blame traffic, instead try departing earlier than usual. Whatever happens, first impressions matter.

2. Lie

Honesty is said to be the best policy and it’ll be great to start off what might be a great relationship on that note.  Basing the beginning on a falsehood might make it a bit too feeble and may not last very long.

  1. Your Ex-Partner

The first date is not the day to discuss relationships gone sour. You need to realize that most people want to move on from their past and talking about Ex partners is not a way to move on.

  1. Play with your phone

Talking or texting on the phone on a first date shows disinterest in the person. It is advisable to put your phone on silent mode and give attention to your date

  1. Eat like a Glutton

The essence of a date is not necessarily to feed you but to have pleasant conversation. So please don’t go on a date when you’re famished. And even if you are, let home training guide you okay?


  1. Be a Braggadocio

Yes, BRAGGADOCIO is a word and it simply means boaster. Avoid boasting about yourself or your deeds irrespective of the response from the other person.

  1. Forget Manners

Saying Thank You and Please. Being polite and friendly. Eating with your moth closed. Being cordial to the people. All these and more are important on a first date (and forever *wink*)

  1. Look like a mess

Pay attention to your appearance. Wear clean and proper clothes. Put some work into looking good for your date.

  1. Offer Unwanted/Unrequested Life Advice

Yes we know you read 48 Laws of Power and have plenty experience under you belt but please, Hold it, in fact Keep your advice to yourself. Since nobody asked you, nobody wants it

  1. Invite your friends

Ever heard of 3 is a crowd? Ehen. Do not bring friends or guests to a first meting. It is supposed to be a one on one time.


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