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Wondering how you can make that special person happy? This post is exactly what you need

The love languages have been simplified for you. You are welcome.

Wondering how you can make that special person happy? This post is exactly what you need

Let us tell you the plain truth, making a special person happy does not take a lot of work. Of course, you cannot solve all of someone’s problem but you can definitely make that special someone smile or even make their day, even.

To be successful in making someone else happy, you should obviously know their love language as it is is a natural preference for receiving positive signals from others.

What this post will do is to break the ideas of making a person happy into love languages so that you can pick the right love language to make this person happy. Just in case you do not know their preference, just pick an idea from each.

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  • MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY WITH ACTS OF SERVICE: Acts of services are not as hard as you might think. Cooking for them, Going to the market, making their favourite meal, helping them with whatever they need, tidying up for them. The examples are endless, just find out what their likes are and roll with it.
  • YOU CAN MAKE YOUR PARTNER HAPPY WITH QUALITY TIME: Quality time is not just spending the day with them, it is about making it meaningful to them and you. You should ask about their day, be someone they can be accountable to, do their, hobby with them, give them good advice when they need it, make them laugh, join them for whatever they want. This list is also endless.
  • GIVING GIFTS IS ALSO NOT A BAD IDEA: Giving gifts does not have to be expensive, it does not have to cost a fortune or empty your bank account. You can buy their favourite chocolate, gt them perfumes, leave the love notes, get them a gift hamper, send or gift them data, send airtime etc
  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION WILL GO A LONG WAY: Verbally expressing something positive about your special person is such a happy thing to do. You can give them a well-thought compliment but make sure it is an honest one, encourage them, remind them of all the things they have accomplished when they are going through a tough time, compliment or thank them publicly, tell them how much they mean to you.
  • PHYSICAL TOUCH IS ALSO IMPORTANT: This is hard to do because most people will generally think Sex when they hear or read Physical touch. It is also hard because it can easily become inappropriate or uncomfortable if you are not in a relationship that warrants such. You can give them a back rub or a good, old tight hug. If these are inappropriate to the kind of relationship you have, a pat on their shoulder or back.


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