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Women – How Should We Treat Them?

Women - How Should We Treat Them?

Nowadays, a large number of magazines and media filled with women photos that are too sexy, and, of course there are some naked photos. Yeah, it is known to all that it has a bad effect for the young.

Then, why do they continue this kind of creation? If they think the production and the browse of sexy photos are really harmless entertainment, then why do people have a strong consensus that some people are too young and too affected to contract these things? The hair is too dry? Too lacking in good clothes? Have “work” to do? In “Electra”, there is a very special faith, judging a woman is severe, ruthless and dismissive. Why?
Because this is the readers – women who would like to see!

Again, we have to mention the controversy for the media publicity unrealistic image of women. Crazy to achieve scrawny, upper and lower body dressed, and in public scrutiny at all times. This leads to women insecure for their own appearance, and also leading women look at each other in this way.

What’s more? The angle men treating women become modeling? Or the angle women treating women become modeling? One thing is certain, clothes or not clothes, is the way to evaluate women, it is unrelated to what they have done. The media addicted to it.

It is not difficult to understand why the female media clinging focus on personal appearance. It can bring advertising, a lot of advertising. It is unprofitable to teach the female that face without makeup looks beautiful, and it also has no practical value to tell it is a trend. No interest, no great enthusiasm. Everyone should know, as women like beautiful furniture and decor, they like beautiful clothes and cosmetics has nothing to do with sex and age, there are only skills and beautiful.

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How should we treat women? However, they are not sexy calendar, which scenery began in late February and end in May. The bad is that men are always encouraged to treat women as such way. We are so enthusiastic to accept that, and for ourselves, it is very sorriness.

In a word, how we treat women is equal to how we treat ourselves. If you think women are just opicality and ornamental, why don’t you go to the zoo? Of course it also depends on how the society and the media treat them.

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