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WOMEN: 10 Fashion Resolutions You Should Make

I know it is the middle of the year but who said resolutions should be only at the beginning. Read this post to find out the resolutions you should make mid-year.

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10 Fashion Resolutions You Should Make as a Woman

We can do that in the middle of the year also, can’t we?

So let us see the fashion resolutions that we can make to better ourselves and wardrobe before the year comes to an end.

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  1. Don’t focus on flattering: Beauty is so subjective and yet we always insist on trying to aspire to one direct version of it. I get the fact that you want to look like your best you, but please, that doesn’t mean stuff yourself in not-conducive-to-breath garments or attire.
  2. Leave something to the imagination: Yes, sex sells. We know that but there’s a lot to be said for indirect sexy rather than obvious sexy. I think it’s time we become less suggestive and more mystical.
  3. Give out your clothes: Leaving your Size 10 dress even though you now wear 14 is just going to cause stress and anxiety. The fact that we don’t look like we did 5 years ago is nothing to fret over and it’s honestly not the big, horrific thing we’ve been taught to believe it is.
  4. Wanting to look like a magazine cover: Deep down, we know that those people in the magazines don’t look like those people in the magazines on a normal day. Wanting to achieve impossible beauty standards is now old school. You can try to emulate a style you adore or a celeb you find inspiring but becoming like them, Nope.
  5. Fashion No-No’s: Yes, there are rules governing the world of fashion and they are out there for a reason but please take them more as suggestions. They should lead you to self-love and contentment, not self-hate and greediness. That is unhealthy.
  6. Try a statement piece: Statement pieces can be the change your wardrobe needs to be loud and absolutely beautiful. Do not be invisible, let your personality shine and be seen.
  7. Let your style shine through: Whatever you want to be on different days, let it come through. Allow full expression for who you are. It’s okay to mix things up as you just can’t go wrong with being open to variety.
  8. Embrace the sneakers life: Heels are good and they look beautiful and they are our frenemies and I think that many women feel the same. Sneakers, on the other hand, are not traditionally the most glamorous shoe wear but they’re certainly one of the most comfortable. And comfort should be utmost on your mind.
  9. Dress with you in mind: The biggest point with all of this has been that we could do with a little bit more dressing for ourselves. To stop worrying about how others will perceive us based on our clothing.
  10. I know I said 10 but 9 fashion resolutions do not hurt, does it? Continue to be beautiful. e-hugs.


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