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Woman these are 6 reasons why you are broke all the time even immediately after you are paid your salary

Read this post, pay attention to what is written. It will do you a whole lot of good.

Woman these are 6 reasons why you are broke all the time even immediately after you are paid your salary

Remember that old adage that says if wishes were horses, we would all be rich. Yup, wishing does not make people rich, in fact, they will make you poorer before you can blink. We cannot become rich by only wishing, we have to work and be financially savvy.

There are so many habits that make women go broke; which you engage in and it is no surprise you are struggling financially.

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This post is going to acknowledge them and tell you the blunt truth while at it.

  1. You lack a financial plan: One of the habits that make women go broke is lacking a basic and straight forward financial plan. Whether you are a salary earner or a business person, it is important that every month you make a budget.
  2. You are an impulsive buyer: A lot of women are guilty of this, the need to buy whatever they see at first glance or that catches their attention. It is now worse seeing as there are online stores and all you need is a debit card. It is okay to but the things you want but ask yourself, are the things I need? That will curb impulsive buying.
  3. You do not have a saving culture: The experts will tell you that the rule of thumb is to save first and spend the rest. Saving is not really about the amount but the consistency.  If you are religious and a “tither” then you can pay your tithe first, save, then make a budget on how to spend the remaining
  4. You buy what you want not what need: This has already been touched on above, making a habit of spending more on what you want more than what you need is setting yourself up to keep going broke. Every month. Try as much as you can to spend money more on needs and less on wants.
  5. You are a borrower: Not only do you have a habit of spending beyond your income, but you also borrow even before their income comes in. What this means is that you are pushing today’s financial issues until tomorrow. If it is not a matter of life and death or an emergency, why are you borrowing?
  6. You don’t give: I am sure you are surprised that giving is on the list that is talking about spending too much.  The truth is, If you are a giver, you are likely to get more than if you are not. We are not saying you should give everything you have but have a giving culture, do not be tight-fisted


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