Why you Should Visit Vietnam

Are you seeking impressive escapades, exceptional experiences, sumptuous delicacies and a view of history from ancient sites? Look no further as Vietnam just happens to be right for you to satisfy all of your desires.

There was a certain time when the mention of Vietnam would juggle up subconscious thoughts of and illusions from memories of a war zone but now, the mention of Vietnam gives the aura of a backpacker sanctuary.

Vietnam happened to have grown so fast in becoming one of the major tourist backpacker destinations in all of Southeast Asia known for the hospitality of its citizens and calmed out visa condition.

If as a tourist you happen to be on a budget, backpacking is just perfect as it gives rise to a broader horizon in an excellent way in viewing the city. Backpacking tends to allow so much suppleness with the freedom to re-arrange your plan if your attention is caught by something else you dim fit important.

That said, a proper research is advised before embarking on a Vietnam backpack trip so as to save and manage cash especially if you tend to be on a budget plan.

Be free to explore the very heart of Vietnam- from the histrionic mountains located in the North of Vietnam to having to stop so as to have a taste of the popular Vietnam corn wine and a couple friendly chit-chats with the locals before further going South for those who happen to love partying all night long.

Exploring Vietnam

Usually, tourists and travelers prefer to explore and site see Vietnam by the use of a motorcycle which is actually the best way to get around mostly if you are not in any form of haste. The country is quite vast in size with a lot of backpacking routes with the most common route of them all- the Hanoi to Saigon route.

Travelers usually come in to Vietnam on a backpacking trip with their little ones and have no problem exploring the country. The Vietnam railway line is spread across all of the country’s territories (North, East, West and South) usually a slow but fun journey as it gives an entire beautiful landscape view of the coast.

Getting Around Vietnam

  • By Train: Moving around this country has been made easy as long distant transportation services have been introduced alongside a proper road network thereby making traveling in Vietnam pretty effortless. The train line is spread across the country and reaches the Chinese border which makes it easier to travel across the country within time range.The Vietnam Rail lines are been operated on a single train track network between the Ho Chi Minh City all the way to the Chinese borders.
  • By Bus: Travelers usually choose the road network using the bus to explore the historic country. Moving around by the use of buses is actually a cheap means of transporting yourself around. Open-Tour buses are the ultimate backpackers dream cruise around and are just a bit more expensive than the usual national bus service.

This small and extremely beautiful destination is the best choice you can make if you are thinking of vacationing in Asia. Look it up and find how you can make your trip an Oriental delight.


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