Why You Should Use Baby Teether For Your Infant.

The use of baby teether for infants have both their benefits and drawbacks and should be carefully adhered to so as to be on a safe side. Teethers are originally made to help towards providing relief for infants during their teething season which could be quite a painful one for them. As parents, the best options should be used to help such infants with teething troubles get as much relief for their pain. This is why you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of baby teether for infants.

Without much to worry about, this article’s intent is to help parents with that knowledge, and also for those expecting as well.


Baby teethers go a long way in helping your infant keep busy and so pass time not concentrating on their pain from teething but having something to suckle and play with. It is well known that infants enjoy suckling on something no matter what it is hence a teether could go a long way in solving this problem.

On the other hand, baby teethers could be a temporary remedy to reducing hunger thereby giving the mother enough time to make something for their infant or getting to a more convenient environment before breast feeding whilst suckling on a teether.

Teethers could also go by the name of ‘soother’ as they help relief the infant off pain. Usually, baby teethers come in handy most especially when your infant is stressed or restless in some sort of way. The teether causes a bit of distraction and soothing relief. Baby teethers could also help on the long run by protecting your baby from putting dirty unhealthy objects or dirty hands in their mouth. If your infant gets use to sucking a thumb, it could be a problem as it generates into a bad habit on the long run, possibly into adulthood. All these and more could be controlled and prevented by the use of a baby teether.


Over a long period of time as regards parenting, the technique of baby teethers have been in play but it is also good to know the disadvantages and drawbacks to using a baby teether for infants.

The use of baby teethers at an early age on the infant could lead to problems with breast feeding as they tend to get too attached to the teethers. Therefore, baby teether should be established a bit after baby breast feeding has been established so as to prevent adaptation to just the teether and constant refusal to breast feed on the long run. Research also has it that it could lead to occurring infections of the infants middle ear and also future dental issues. It is therefore advisable to see your doctor of signs of adaptation to the teether by the infant occurs so as to prevent problems in the future at an early stage.


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