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Why You Should add Lagos to Places You Must Visit

You should add the city of Lagos to the list of places you need to visit. Here are reasons why.

Why You Should add Lagos to Places You Must Visit
You definitely have heard about Lagos, from its sumptuous meals at unbelievable costs on the Island to its fashion which is edgy and infectious or the art scene which is spellbinding. You have definitely heard of the music and entertainment industry.
Just because of these alone, Lagos should be on the list of places you need to visit but, in case you are in doubt, here are excellent reasons why it should be your next stop.
  • Felabration: Felabration is a one-week event in October every year that marks the posthumous birthday celebration of the late Afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, at the New Afrikan Shrine. People come from all over the country and even different parts of the world to take part in the festivities that come with it.

  • Lagos Carnival: This carnival has some history; In the 19th century, after a wave of freed slaves from Brazil returned to the city, the first Lagos carnival was held. The Lagos Carnival is a grand display of the city’s heritage and pride, filled with music, dancing and elaborate costumes.

  • A Lagos party: To get the best of Lagos, you have to attend at least one owambe party. These parties are on another level of fun, energy, drama, and excitement, that make for great memories. Lagosians may get hit with different sorts every now and then, but, you’ll find that nothing(Except Elections) can interfere with a plan for a Lagos party.

  • The fashion weeks: The Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW), Africa Fashion Week, GTB Fashion Week are the major annual fashion events in the country. This is where top fashion gurus meet to keep up with the best of Africa’s rapidly scaling fashion design business. These events are usually packed with established and emerging talents, and indigenous designs that showcase the distinctive African taste in fashion.

  • Food and their combinations: You have to know that Lagosians don’t do boring food. Because of the multi-cultural appearance of the city, these foods come from every region in Nigeria. You have to try the local soups and swallows, asun and suya as well as any other Nigerian delicacy.

  • Snack stands: From the woman who sells akara in the morning and switches to fried yam in the evening to the shawarma guy or puff puff seller, these snacks are amazing. The great thing about these snacks, is you do not have to deviate from your route or way, all you need is to be prepared to stand some heat and/or smoke to get your desired snack.

  • Arts: The visual and performing arts sphere in Lagos is yet another charming and integral aspect of the city. It will give you an insight into what makes Lagosians tick.

  • Lagos Culture: It is very rare to visit Lagos without knowing the latest trends in dance, music, street fashion and slangs. There’s always some new ‘thing’ in town, which might be made popular by a line in a song or by a small community of people.
  • The gift of people: Lagos is blessed with people. Even though it does not feel like it on the days that traffic is at its craziest, Lagos is the city it is because of that. The diverse languages, culture and people give the city its pulse.


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