Why People Fail at New Year Resolutions

On the night of 31st of December every year, many people come with a list of “I will do this” and “I won’t do that”.This list of do’s, don’t s, goals, and aspiration for the upcoming year is what we refer to as a new year resolution. Some resolutions would be to lose weight others might be to read more books or quit chocolates. However before the end of February, so many people New year resolution fails some even start failing at the 2nd week of January. Why do people with so much good intentions fail so quickly?

Check them out below:

They are not specific
There is just a thin line between failure and success, so when making a goal, it’s mandatory that the goal is specific. To make a resolution to “read books” is not specific and it sets you up to fail from day one. Be more specific with your goals. For example, setting a goal of reading four novels every month is more specific. With a specific goal, you can measure your success.

They have no plan
Sadly, many people do not plan how they will reach their New Year’s resolution. A resolution without no plan is just a mere dream. Take action and find out step by step guide to help you reach your goal at ease. In regards to reading 4 novels every month, a good plan might be to tell yourself you are going to reading one book every week.

They are not true to themselves
Imagine venturing in business on day one and making a resolution of making a million dollar profit before the second quarter of the year. That is a very, very high mountain to climb and it would stress you out quickly. Dreaming big is good but it is important to make your goal realistic so there won’t be any feeling of underachievement.

They keep it a secret
Many people who set New Year Resolution keep it within themselves, out of fear of failure or embarrassment. Rather than making it a secret, tell your friends and family about it. By doing so, you will develop a sense of accountability that will push you towards reaching your goals.

They have no reward
It is essential to reward yourself when you reach some certain point with your resolution. When you reward yourself, you motivate yourself and give yourself something to look up to. If your resolution is to lose weight, don’t reward yourself with food but rather with a spa, a new wristwatch or clothes.


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