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Why Manchester City Are Now Title Favorites

With the end of the 2018/19 football season in Europe drawing near, we are starting to see the favourite teams to finish on top and win the title across the different Leagues. Some Leagues seem almost already done and dusted, as in the case of the French League, Spanish and even the Italian League. However, there is still a struggle for clear cut league leadership in the English and German Leagues. While I’d talk about the German league some other time, let’s take a look at what’s happening in England.

By the end of Sunday, Manchester City was back as undisputed league leaders after challengers, Liverpool played out a stalemate in the Merseyside Derby. Most fans and pundits still believe that Liverpool can still win the league, but by all indications, City are now favourites to retain the League title. And I’d tell you why:

  1. Their Coach

City’s coach, Pep Guardiola is one major edge they have over Liverpool. The coach is proven winner and he just has a way of making his players churn out the results they need. After Saturday’s win at Bournemouth, Guardiola took to the field, gleefully greeting and congratulating his players, even though they had only managed a 1-0 victory. Well, they didn’t manage. But that just shows the level of belief he has in his team.

“The reason why, is we played incredible”  – Guardiola said after Saturday’s match.

And seeing as they already have two titles this season – the community shield and Carabao Cup, and they are well on course for a season quadruple, he has every right to be in high spirits.

  1. The Players

Unlike Liverpool, Manchester City has a bench filled with game changers. In Liverpool’s draw yesterday, they lacked a change, a player that could come in and make the difference needed. And that is what City has in abundance. And their game on Saturday is a prime example of that, when one of their star players came down, Guardiola had Mahrez to call upon. Eventually, it was Mahrez that gave them the winner against a resilient Bournemouth side. Manchester City has the advantage of a star studded first team rotation players that they can call upon anytime in real trouble.

  1. Their tactics

In their last two matches, City have taken 43 shots and faced only 4. They have put up a disciplined organized display in midfield and defense all season – you can hardly outplay them in the middle of the pitch, and their forward know well how to run rampage. They hardly make technical mistakes and every time they lose the ball, you find 3 or 4 players trying to win it back.

  1. History

History does look quite kindly on City’s main title challengers, Liverpool. They are the only team to have not won the title after being on top by Christmas, twice! City, on the other hand, are fresh off winning the last League title and looking for how to establish themselves as the Kings of England.

City has also shown that they can handle the pressure, something Liverpool seems to be seriously lacking now. Now that they are on top of the table by a point, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop them anymore.


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