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Why Are Toilet Papers White And Answers To Other Questions You Might Have Asked Before

Why Are Toilet Papers White And Answers To Other Questions You Might Have Asked Before

Have you ever wondered why green means “Go” and red means “Stop” on the traffic light. Or why Jean trousers are blue? In the first place, why are some things coloured the way the way they are? Well, you’re about to find out!

1. Why do traffic lights blink green?

Traffic lights blink green for “Go” because in the 1800s, factory workers worked with dangerous machines that showed green lights and warned them they were “on” or “going”. So, when the traffic light was introduced, the green light was naturally used to signify “Go” because any other colour might cause confusion.

2. Why do traffic lights blink red?

On the other hand, red has always been associated with alarm. On top of that, red is also the opposite of green. So, it was used to signify “stop” on the traffic light since since stop is the opposite of go.

3. Why are school buses yellow in many parts of the world?

Yellow was chosen as the standard colour for school buses because it attracts attention and it is the colour our eyes see first. The colour ensures that people are careful when driving around school buses because kids are on board.

4. Why are car tyres black?

Surprisingly, tires are made of white rubber. But imagine trying to keep white tires clean! However, this is not the reason why tyre manufacturers add carbon black to their product. Carbon black is added to tyre products to make them stronger.

5. Why are jeans blue?

When the first manufacturers of blue jeans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis first made their jean trousers, they made them in two colours: indigo blue and brown. Both options stood out among competing trousers because of their reinforcing rivets. However, blue jeans were everyone’s favourite because they were sturdy and soft.

6. Why are soccer balls black and white?

In the 1970s, most TVs were black and white so manufacturers created balls that viewers could easily spot in motion across black and white screens. But could this also be the reason why referees wear black and white uniforms?

7. Why do referees wear black and white uniforms?

Up until 1920, referees wore white shirts and bow ties. Cool! But people sometimes mistook them for players on the field. So, football referee Lloyd Olds came up with black and whit stripe look that is now used around the world.

8. Why are basketballs orange? 

Basketballs used to be brown leather until the 1950s when manufacturers change the colour to orange. They made it this colour because it was easier to see.

9. Why are toilet papers white?

Toilet papers are white because the cellulose fibres that are used to manufacture them are naturally white. On top of that, manufacturers bleach toilet paper to make it sparkly white as a sign of cleanliness. This is the same reason why bath tubs and toilets are white.

10. Why are wedding gowns white?

People wore white dresses mainly for mourning but that changed when Queen Victoria wore a white dress at her wedding. Since Queen Victoria was one of history’s first style influencers, the style has stuck ever since.

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These are the reasonable fun facts we could think of right now. Do you have any more to offer? Let’s hear from you below. Thanks for your time.


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