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Who Will Benefit From Facebook’s Coming Messenger App Merger?

Earlier this week, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg announced the plan for the merger of its most powerful messaging apps, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. (In case you missed our post on it, read here).

Although Facebook gave no particular reason for this merger, it is bound to lead to a major shift in the world of instant messaging.

So I got thinking, who stands to benefit most from this intended merger? And after much thought, here are the four sets of people I believe stand the most to gain from the upcoming integration:

  1. The Chronic Chatters

The first set of people that would be happy to hear this news is the set I call “chronic chatters”. Those people that cannot do without their phones on one instant messaging app or the other. You always find them online on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

These guys will be delighted as they would now be able to send messages directly from Facebook to their friends who are only active on Whatsapp/Instagram. Nothing will stand in the way of gist anymore. The Amebos will also be very delighted with this development.

  1. The Business People.

This integration will allow business owners greatly expand their customer reach. Businesses will not be able to reach out to all their customers no matter the platform they are on.  They will now have a larger and more diversified population at their fingertips. It will be easier to chat, engage and communicate with their consumers.

  1. The Security operatives

With this merger, security operatives will be able to monitor their persons of interest easier as they would now have an integrated platform for messaging. It will be easier to trace an Instagram con man to his/her more personal Whatsapp platform.

  1. Facebook themselves.

These guys are surely going to make a big profit from this merger. In case you are not sure, there is no messaging platform that will be as big as the platform this merger will produce in any part of the world – save China. The integration will only lead to many more business for Facebook and their digital marketers as there would be a much larger platform to consolidate business.

Those are my four sets of people that stand to benefit from this upcoming merger.

What do you think?


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