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Who Else Believes What Khafi Just said

Twitter Reacts as Khafi Faces Possible Axe From UK Police

A few days ago, 2019 Big Brother Naija housemate Khafi was evicted from the house but before she was evicted, Khafiu made massive news after claims surfaced that she had sex with Gedoni, a fellow housemate in the house.

These sex claims were birthed after a video showed the inhouse lovers under a duvet making movements many concluded indicated that they were having sex.

In a new interview with Ebuka on September 16th, Khafi, a metropolitan police denied these claims. She, however, affirmed that she really does like Gedoni and feels some sort of peace whenever she is around him.

In her words;

“I felt such peace around him. I didn’t think I couldn’t be myself around him. We did not have sex. You know sex is a natural thing. If I did, I would actually say that’s what happened. I wouldn’t want to be given the penalization or punishments for things I didn’t do. I just feel like in the house, everything is so intense so where you will get to in a relationship over three months seeing somebody and been on a date with them is like a week in the house.

The intensity seeing everybody when you wake up and when you go to sleep. I think it was after the eviction in the first week, after we were almost up that’s when our bond really grew.

This is coming just weeks after Gedoni, upon his eviction from the house also debunked claims that he and Khafi had sex.

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Gedoni during his own interview also tendered an apology to Khafi for seeing her worth when they were both in the house as well as say she is a keeper.

“I see a future with Khafi outside the house. I don’t know how she feels but this is my thought. She is a keeper.

On if he loves Khafi as much as she loved him, he said;

“You give out as much as you receive.

“If Khafi was very expressive, there were certain things people were not seeing that she was enjoying.

“For me, I had my own way and I was not very vocal or shouting about it but Khafi is not one to keep quiet.

Guys, we all are following the BBNaija show and saw everything play out before our eyes. To be honest, do you think this two actually had sex or they are just playing coy with us?

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