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Which Museum in Pretoria Would You be visiting?

Visiting South Africa soon/ Check out these 7 museums in the city of Pretoria

Which Museum in Pretoria Would You be visiting?

Pretoria is South Africa’s capital city and it is one of the country’s spots that has much to offer to anyone interested in the country’s history and local traditions. Pretoria also has fascinating museums to cater to everyone’s interests.

  • Voortrekker Monument, Museum and Heritage Center

    The Voortrekker Monument honours the history of the Afrikaner people and is one of the most visited heritage sites in South Africa. It highlights an unusual design in its architecture that allows the sun to shine through an opening in the dome once a year to illuminate the patriotic words carved into the cenotaph, the symbolic grave of all the pioneers who died during the Great Trek.
  • Pioneer Museum

    The Pioneer Museum is open air and it is a restored Victoria farmstead that features a horse mill, threshing floor, a traditional herb and vegetable garden, orchards and a vineyard. Guides provide tours of the homestead that include clay oven baking, candle making, and milking. Children will also enjoy the farm atmosphere where they can see chickens, ducks, cows, goats, donkeys and even peacocks on the premises.
  • South African Post Office Museum

    The Post Office Museum in Church Square is in the heart of Pretoria and it will delight philatelists (a person who loves stamps) with its collection of stamps. The whole archives of the South African stamps are displayed in the museum’s exhibit and provides a unique perspective of the country’s past. Entrance here is free.

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  • Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History

    This  Museum has a collection of over five million items, including textiles, clothing, art and furniture from various cultural groups. The aim of the museum is to promote living culture through song, dance and drama, and it hosts regular visual arts festivals to celebrate South Africa’s inclusive heritage.
  • Sammy Marks Museum

    Businessman Sammy Marks and his family resided in this beautiful Victorian mansion that today is known to house the Sammy Marks Museum. Tours of the lavishly furnished house are informative and entertaining, and it is said that if you are lucky, you might even hear the cries of the resident ghost, The mansion is surrounded by gardens which are perfect for exploring on a sunny day.
  • Kruger House MuseumThe Kruger House was built in 1884 and it was the original home of Paul Kruger, the third president of the Republic of South Africa. This house was one of the first in the city to use electricity, as well as the first to have a telephone installed.
  • Freedom Park MuseumThe Freedom Park sits on a hill overlooking the city. It honors the sacrifices of those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and celebrates the diversity of the South African people.


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