Whenever You Have Anxiety, Two-Minute Tasks Take Longer

It’s always hard to do things with anxiety


Anxiety can cause lots of danger to you and everyone around you.

When you know you have anxiety, 2 minutes tasks takes thirty minutes to solve. All simple chores deplete every of your energy for that particular day.

When there is anxiety, you will always have a bad habit of procrastination because the things that usually come easy to everybody else are a struggle for only you.

Your own friends might get angry at you for ignoring their chats because they never realize how long it takes you to come up with the that right response — or how frighten it is for you to even check your text messages.

Your professors in school might get angry at you for refusing to participate every time in class because they don’t realize how difficult or how hard it is for you to raise your hand in lectures or engage in group projects. They never realize how hard it is for you to even get dressed and show up to their class.

When you have much anxiety, the ‘much easy’ tasks everyone else takes for granted most of the time take you hours to finish. Sometimes, you might not even complete them at all. Most of the time you let your anxiety win.

I cannot even make a phone call without more time of preparation beforehand. I have to write down a note or a script — or run my side of the conversation through my head at least several times, before I can even deem it fit to dial the phone. Then again, i will double check the number. Once. Twice. or even Three times.


When I am eventually ready to make the call, there is a 50/50 chance I will mostly lose my nerve if the ringing takes very long and hang up. It can take an entire day for you to gather some courage to even set a hair appointment or cancel your doctor appointment.

The most tiniest tasks can take you hours to finalize. Even all things that you should technically be excited about, like getting ready when you are to meet up with your friends at a new restaurant or a bar, will likely take a lot of time to prepare for.

I want to be that your spontaneous friend. The one you can call at the very last second and invite for drinks or night out. But surely, that is never going to be me. I am never ready all the time to leave the house on a very short notice. I need to always know all plans ahead of time. I always need to give myself much time to get into the right mental state to be able to socialize.

I am not that good with surprises. I do not even like having activities just sprung on me at the very last minute. I am not that flexible when it comes to meeting up with my schedule. I always like to know what I will be getting myself into so I can try to prepare myself for what is to come.

When you know you have anxiety like this, ten-minute tasks takes a whole lot of time. And that is fine. As long as you are reaching that your goals, it doesn’t even matter how long it takes you to get there. It only matter that you are trying to reach your dream.


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