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What You Need to Know About Vitamins

Vitamins=Healthy Body

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Vitamins are essential components that should make up our diets because of the several vital roles they play in the body. From fighting diseases by strengthening the immune system to making your skin beautiful.

Here is what you need to know about Vitamins:

What Are Vitamins

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Vitamins are essential organic compounds found in food for effective growth and life sustenance. They are grouped into two, fat soluble and water soluble.

Why Take Vitamins

Vitamins serve various metabolic reactions which all take place as food is being processed in the body. Fat soluble vitamins act as regulators of specific metabolic activities while water soluble vitamins function as co-enzymes which combine with a protein to promote the release and utilization in the body.

Sources of Vitamins

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Almost all food sources contain a distinctive or a mixture of vitamins. There are specific foods that have been known to provide sufficient vitamins. Citrus fruits contain huge amounts of Vitamin C, but supply significantly low amounts of other essential vitamins and minerals. Although milk has been referred to as the most perfect food, it contains little Iron and no Vitamin C.

Is it Enough?

The establishment of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), a standard guide of estimating the number of vitamins which should be consumed per day. Its always important to check this guide before consumption.

Vitamin Supplements

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Sometimes, some individuals may not be able to absorb vitamins from food due to a chronic form or stage of disease or may not be able to consume sufficient quantity of food to supply the necessary vitamins. In this case, vitamin supplements are encouraged. It is noted that vitamin supplements should be increased during pregnancy.

Can They Be Harmful?

Yes, they can. When high levels of fat-soluble vitamins are consumed, they get stored in the body. The accumulation of these in the body can cause toxic effects which are potentially dangerous.


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