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What you Need to Know About Cynthia Morgan

What you Need to Know About Cynthia Morgan

Born Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan on 23 September 1991, the singer who was signed to North-side Entertainment Inc founded by Jude Okoye is one act many have come to love overtime.

Despite having disappeared from the public eye for a few years now, Cynthia made her mark and we can but pray she returns to making music very soon.

Cynthia made her love for music known during an interview some years back saying she would never quit music for a relationship,

In her words;

For me, it’s a no! This is because   , definitely I am going to get married to someone who understands  my passion for   music. I am not ready to get married yet. I can’t even think about that right now .Marriage is out of it .I think it’s about getting married  to someone that understands your craft , supports you generally in your music career .I hope for a husband that will understand and support  my craft, not one that would want me to stop music. So that’s what I hope for.

Known for being one not scared for showing off major parts of her body, she spoke on why people still bash artistes who show off their body for their music.

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Personally for an artiste, besides music,you have to be creative when it comes to your branding, your pictures, your performances and stage craft. Pictures are part of the things that brand an artiste. A lot of people say different kind of stuffs, but when you start something in Nigeria or in Africa, people start talking. We are in 21st century and Nigeria is not like America. We still have this mentality of ‘Oh my God, she is exposing a whole lot of stuffs’ but when American artistes do it, we get to embrace them. I think it’s all about you starting your own trend, people will definitely talk, some people will love it while some will hate it .It’s all about you knowing what you see as an artiste. When I create a song , I can actually create the video in my head.   So,  it’s all about the craft and the branding .I wasn’t actually nude, I was wearing a tattoo and a pair of snickers. It’s just about being different and people are definitely going to talk. It’s part of the whole business. If they don’t talk, you don’t make money. So they     just have to keep talking.

1. Cynthia was born on the 23rd of September 1991 in Benin City, Nigeria and raised in a Jehovah Witness home.

2. Cynthia’s mom is also a singer. Her name is Sherifat Morgan, a gospel singer.

3. She began her career as a back-up singer for her mother’s gospel musical band at the age of 3.

4. She started composing songs at a young age. At the age of 17, she released her first single titled “Dutty Stepping” which featured Nigerian singer General Pype.

5. Cynthia snagged a record deal with Northside Entertainment Inc in 2013. The label is owned by Jude Okoye.

6. She has worked with top acts such as Sound Sultan, Mr 2Kay, Lil Kesh, Illbliss, Burna Boy amongst many others.

7. She hit the limelight in 2013 with her singles “Lead Me On” and “Don’t Break My Heart.”

8. Her breast, height, and nose are the most sexiest part of her body. This she made known in an interview.

9. Cynthia recorded a mix-tape with American rapper Gucci Mane in 2013 which also featured other international acts.

10. She has won a couple of awards to include 2014’s Best New Artist award at the Annual South South Music Awards and Music Artist of The Year award at the 2015 ELOY Awards.


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