What Will Happen If Your Life Was a Movie?

What do we say about movies? That life seems perfect and getting the woman or man of your dreams is like buying a box of matches from the kiosk at the end of your street?

I’m sure that you must have imagined it! Have you ever imagined if your life was like the movies we watch? Movies with fantasies and false hope that are unlikely to occur in real life?

Let’s imagine how life would be like if it was a movie.


  1. You’ll be very beautiful if you’re a good person

So the good ones are beautiful and the bad ones are ugly. Isn’t that what movies tell us? If your life was a movie, you’ll be looking at those actors you see on the TV with long jet black-silky hair, neatly arranged set of white sparkling teeth and big lovely eyes.


  1. And ugly if you’re a bad person

You’ll have yellow-stained teeth sprouting out of your mouth and big bulgy eyes. You’ll be short, pudgy, dark and monstrous-looking if you’re a bad person!


  1. You can save the world!

Who knows? You might have what it takes to save Nigeria and even the rest of the world. All you have to do is find your hidden gift and become a hero!


  1. You’ll find a prince charming

You don’t have to be Cinderella to find your prince charming. Movies will prove to you that you can find your prince charming in a supermarket, when a car hits you, when you collide with someone on the road, in a bar etc.


  1. There’s a perfect man

Yes, a perfect man who is tall, dark, rich and very handsome. Also, he is very nice, caring, understanding, loving and ready to do all it takes to win your heart.


  1. You can travel all over the world

Movies tell you that it very easy to wake up in the morning and decide to explore several places in the world. Today, you’re visiting the Eiffel tower in Paris and tomorrow, you’re viewing the Statue of Liberty in New York.


  1. You can leave your job and become a millionaire by starting your own business

Stepping out of your comfort zone, it is called. Movies make it seem possible to resign from your place of work, start a business and become a millionaire before the end of the year. But in reality, is it that easy?


  1. Bad people will always go to prison, run mad or die

Nemesis must always catch up with bad persons in movies. They go to jail, end up in a psychiatric home, become inflicted with a serious illness or even die.

So what happens to the bad people that live freely in real life?


  1. The perfect life suddenly turns imperfect

You have the perfect job, house, lover, and family….then suddenly, something happens and your life is starting to change from being perfect to imperfect.


  1. You realize that you’re making the biggest mistake of your life when you’re exchanging vows

You said yes when he proposed and spent months planning the wedding. It is only on your most special day when the wedding guests are present to cheer you that you realize that you shouldn’t marry your partner.

Really? What have you been doing since? Planning your sister’s wedding?


  1. You can speak to the dead

Movies will make you believe in ghost. So you’ll start to believe that you can speak to the dead and a loved one who had passed away can return to life to protect you or achieve a cause.


Do you see that movies are nothing but fantasies? What other scenario do you think will occur if your life was a movie?



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