What To Do When You Cheat on Your Partner? These are 6 Steps to Take

Cheating was probably not what you’ve planned when you got into a relationship. But well, it happened somewhere along the line.

What do you do when you’ve cheated? Something worse than cheating is practicing bad etiquette that will make your significant other suffer for your mistakes.

Sometimes, infidelity can arise as a result of some relationship issues. Identifying and tackling these problems will make something good come out of it and prevent you from cheating again.

All hope is not lost if you’ve cheated on your partner. Below are ways to learn from the experience and repair your relationship.

  1. Tell at your discretion

There is a belief that you should not tell your partner when you cheat on them because you’re causing them more pain. Expressing your guilt is unproductive if you don’t plan on cheating again.

There is another belief that says that you should tell your significant other so that they can make a decision on whether to stay in the relationship or not. This will depend on how honest you want to be in your relationship.

So this is a personal decision to make and it varies from situation to situation. Weigh the risk and choose the one that goes for you.


  1. Give a sincere apology if you tell

Did you end up telling your partner that you cheated? Do not just say ‘I’m sorry.’

These words show no real commitment to change and they are meaningless. Explaining to them and apologizing is worth more than saying a meaningless ‘I’m sorry.’


  1. Forgive yourself

Telling your partner that you cheated is mainly because you want their forgiveness. You should know that having your own forgiveness is more important.

Not forgiving yourself will not give you the opportunity for love, growth, and self-acceptance. A successful relationship stems from both parties loving and supporting each other. So release the feeling of guilt by forgiving yourself.


  1. Figure out why you cheated

To avoid cheating again, you have to figure out why you cheated. Cheating often expresses needs that are not being fulfilled in a relationship.

Find out ways to fulfill these needs so as to avoid cheating.


  1. Cut off contact with the person you cheated with

To stay in your current relationship and minimize the chances of cheating again, block the number and social media accounts of person you cheated with and cut off all connections with the person. This will prevent you from getting tempted to be with the person again.


  1. Make it up to your partner

Make it up to your partner by being the kind of lover they desire to be with.  Make amends and be the best partner you possibly can be!


Your relationship may not be the same after you’ve cheated but you can be become better and stronger by learning from experience!


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