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What To Do If You Bump Into an Ex

What To Do If You Bump Into an Ex

If you move around town in the same circles, sooner or later you’ll run into one of your exes.

She’ll be dying to find out whether you still miss her, whether you’ve been able to replace her and by whom. Her ego depends on that corroboration, so don’t give her the satisfaction.

Have you ever been wandering through a mall and suddenly you bump into someone who seems to know who you are, but you can’t quite place who they are or where you know them from?

So, What Do You Do?

Sure, that happens to all of us. You can’t call them by name, since you can’t remember their name. But you want to seem polite and personable, so you’ll give them a nod of your eyebrows, a perfunctory smile and say, “Hey, how’s it going?” … and then move on.

If they actually answer, you’ll say something bland, like “Great, glad to hear it” and then extricate yourself with a quick “See you around.”

That’s how we interact with distant acquaintances whom we just can’t quite place.

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The Same approach is called for if you bump into your ex at a mall or on the street. Don’t look at her and don’t look away from her. Just look past her. Walk on by as if you’d never met her.

Usually, she’ll hold off greeting you for a moment. She wants you to spot her first. That way, you’ll show your hand before she has to show hers.

Don’t Oblige Her

Once she realizes that you apparently didn’t recognize her, she’ll call you by name. if she does, give her a puzzled look, as if you have no clue as to who she is and therefore are puzzled as to how she would know your name.

One of the interesting things about following this strategy, treating your former girlfriend with total indifference, as if she didn’t matter, is that sometimes she’ll try to salvage her bruised ego.

Don’t take the bait, because it’s a trap. She’s not interested in you personally. She’s just salvaging her ego.

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