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What No one Knows About Actor Afeez Oyetoro’s Marriage

What No one Knows About Actor Afeez Oyetoro's Marriage

Nigerian actor Afeez Oyetoro popularly known as Saka, and his wife Olaide are today celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.

The very happy actor has since taken to social media to gush about his wife revealing that ‘the only regret I have is that I got married to her just only sixteen years ago and not earlier than that’ he wrote.

In his words;

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Today, (May 24 2019), sixteen years ago, Olaide Saidat said “yes” and we became husband and wife. But I have a regret. In my life, the only regret I have is that I got married to her just only sixteen years ago and not earlier than that.

It has been sixteen years of loving and mature understanding. Sixteen years of sharing same vision, dreams, aspirations as a result of divine love. We have been moving from glorious heights to glorious heights. Every time that I consider the trend of things when I got married to this woman sixteen years ago, I always regret I didn’t marry her earlier, much more earlier.

May be thirty years ago, forty years ago or even fifty years ago. Well better late than never. I thank ALLAH for granting me the grace to marry this wonderful, superb, and beautiful mother of our precious kids. Glory be to ALLAH for HIS grace and favour.

Please kindly join us to celebrate our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Wishing you all a divinely blessed weekend.

The actor in an interview had spoken highly of his wife calling her his everything. According to Saka, his wife is his everything.

My wife is a very fantastic woman. She is more than a wife. She is my sister, mother, my very good friend. My real lover, the woman who has turned my house to a home. She is my source of happiness.  God has given me the grace to meet the woman that shares my vision. The greatest mistake a man can make is to marry a woman who does not share in his vision.  I thank God that He gave me a woman who believes in my vision 100 per cent. She is another joy in my life. Her name is Laide Oyetoro. She is a businesswoman. She studied Mathematics but had to resign so that she can have time for the children at home. She has shops where she sells children things.  God blessed us with three wonderful gifts.  They are my very good friends, two boys and a girl. The eldest is nine years, the last born is four. I got married late but I thank God they are doing well. The first is Abdullahi, Rufiat, Munim.  They are doing well in their schools. I thank God for their lives.

The actor went on to reveal why he married late saying that was due to poverty. The actor who tied the knot at the age of 40 said;

I married when I was above 40.  I thought of the comfort before getting married. I don’t want to be a liability to any family member.  I got married when I was ready to get married.  As an artist, I was moving up and down. I did not have a stable life until I was a bit comfortable.  When you take the wrong step, it can lead to an everlasting problem.  To the glory of God, I can feed my family, pay their bills, that is more important to me.


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