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What a Man Really Need To Want To Commit To A Woman


If your thinking is that, men just want to lead a bachelor life without any concern at all in the world while just having you on the side because it is convenient to him, you are actually making a mistake.

Make sure you realize that both men and women sure want to love and be loved. Both of the genders want a great relationship as it is our inherent need. Women in general are perhaps far more adamant and focused about this than men but there is nothing more beautiful for a man than being loved by a woman he adores.

I repeat: there is nothing more beautiful for a man than being loved by a woman he adores.

Men may say it otherwise, truth is most of them love being in relationship (or even married). It’s especially true for those who have married and divorced. It may take a while for them to heal or come to that realization again, but they usually get there. Is there any other reason why some guys married and divorced more than a few times?

So if your man is divorced, it’s actually a good sign. A lot of men love and miss being married and they often do it again -even against their better judgment to a wrong woman.

So don’t get discouraged. It all takes relentless self-confidence and self-esteem on your part to make him see what a great catch you are.


The problem is a lot of women start up great in attracting men to fall in love with them -or to at least pursue them with zeal- but somehow a long the way she lost it. He’s losing his interest, he’s fading out or pulling away or just has second thoughts.

What happened? What went wrong? Why doesn’t he behave the way she expects him to behave?

Women are at a total loss in dealing with men, in understanding their core emotional needs. Why do they act so differently to women?

You can be the Goddess that all men will always give up their limbs to be with if you know the secret of pushing the right buttons with them. And it’s actually not that complicated. It all starts with yourself: self-love, i.e. a woman who is so in love with herself and mesmerizes with her self-confidence, inner strength, feminine charm as well as vulnerability.

It can sure be learned once the philosophy is well mastered.

Women femininity is a gift to a man, that’s how powerful women are by being soft.

If your relationship is somewhat rocky right now. And he goes hot and cold a lot of times, this will help you in the path of him committing to you forever.


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