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We’ve Found Out How To Spot a Fake ‘Nice’ people Straight on Without Much Interactions. Get a Pen

Do you know how to spot fake people? This post will help you

We've Found Out How To Spot a Fake 'Nice' people Straight on Without Much Interctions. Get a Pen

You see those people that smile with one side of their mouth and they hiss with the other part, you should run away from them as quickly as your feet and size will allow you.

But the question will now be how do you know them so that you can run. Well, that is why I am here for you.

These are about 5 ways to identify the defining characteristics of these kinds of people, to spot them and steer clear of them from miles away.

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  • They always pretend to be nice: If you sense someone being kind to you ALL the time, let me tell you something, IT IS A LIE. When someone is being incredibly kind and sweet to the point where it starts to feel unnatural, there is almost always an agenda behind their niceness.
  • They make false promises: Someone who’s goodness or sweetness is fake has a habit of making too many commitments and promises. They are the ones who want to move the mountains and pack the ocean inside bucket for you but whenever you ask for their help, they will vanish into thin air. You will not see them around you until they know your problem is solved.
  • They never actually listen: When you have something or discuss, they will suddenly become deaf. It is not part of their personality to listen but when it comes to talking, it is what they make use of. Be very careful of people who just want to say and do not want to listen to you or your ideas.
  • They never initiate contact:  If you are the only one who is making the first move and making attempts to meet them or contact them and the only time they seem to remember you is when they need gist or to ask you for something then stop and analyze this situation. People who are kind to your face acting like your closest friend, while not bothering at all about you when you have not tried to be around them, are fake and hypocritical.
  • Critiquing behind your back: No positivity can come with critiquing a friend behind their back and this kind of people are the ones who will point out everything they hate about you to everyone except you; the person in question. Their answer to this might be termed under the heading “critiquing you for your betterment” but we know it is just talking about you behind your back.


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