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Weird Things That Happen in Other Countries of The World

Read this post to know some things that are a big NO in other countries.

Weird Things That Happen in Other Countries of The World

Some things are weird in other countries but in Naija, some things do not faze us because we do not care or we do not send you. In other countries, some of the things we do here will be termed as abnormal.

Here are some things that are strange in other countries.

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  1. France: In France, you DO NOT ask or talk about money. It’s not like the French don’t like money like the rest of the world but they do not just like to talk about it. In fact, don’t ask people what they do for a living.
  2. Ukraine: This one is a bit odd. They do not give an even number of flowers to women in Ukraine this is because even numbers of flowers are reserved for grieving and funerals.
  3. New Zealand: Don’t honk or press your horn anyhow otherwise people will say you are insulting them. The horn should only be used as a traffic warning. It should not make unnecessary or unreasonably loud, harsh or shrill noise.
  4. India: You are not to touch a member of the opposite sex in public. All you huggers and open greeters, take note. When interacting with a woman who is not a member of your kin or your wife, you must avoid seclusion.
  5. Japan: Seeing as we do not leave tips in naija, we will be very comfortable as they do not do the same in Japan. It can be misunderstood as an insult.
  6. Norway: If you go to Norway, do not ask about church o. Don’t ask people what church they attend because most attend none, and asking this is seen as rude,  and downright uncanny.
  7. Ireland: All of you that know how to mimic people and derive pleasure from it. When you are in Ireland, keep your talent. Do no go out and let somebody call the Gardai on you.
  8. Singapore: FFO Association of Nigeria, do not go to Singapore o. Biko, stay here. Because all public buses forbid the consumption of food or drinks in buses, and you can be fined if caught doing so. I have told you.
  9. China: Do not give gifts in sets or multiples of four. because, in Chinese, the number four sounds similar to the word for death. Therefore, anything with the number 4 is considered unlucky.
  10. Hungary: All that toasting and clinking glasses that we do here in naija, they do not do it Hungary. They don’t clink beer glasses and don’t ‘cheers’ with beer.

Here are a couple of weird things that happen in other countries.


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